Sunday, December 14, 2008

sleeping sweetness~scissors~books

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Lucy was so cute sleeping on my bed this morning...I just couldn't help but snap a few of her. This little skunk slept from 9:00 last night until 7:45 this morning in her crib!!! I think that Andy's snoring was keeping her up at night while she was sleeping in our room. All three of them are taking naps right now... I can't believe it! How did I get so lucky today??


Yes, Katy was allowed to play with scissors this morning...supervised of course. Any got the kids safety scissors and Katy has been busy making confetti for new years!


I feel really bad about this one, the kids got a hold of one of the Library books we borrowed and destroyed it...I mean, really...ripped all the pages out and tore them up also. What the heck! I was pretty frustrated about this one yesterday. How does one go about replacing a library book...I wonder if they will accept a monetary replacement or they expect me to find the book and buy an new one.

Have your kids put you in this spot before?


Madeline said...

A sweet little sleeping beauty. My little prince still doesn't sleep through a whole night. I'm sure the librarian will be understanding. It probably happens more often than you think.

Sarah said...

yikes about the library book! they may just have some flat fee you have pay...or maybe you can volunteer to do some puppet shows or something to make up for it :)

Anonymous said...

go to amazon books and buy the used verson and take it in. Maybe they would revoke your library card


Renee said...

I've lost library books before & you just have to pay them for a new one. No biggie. I love the sleepy baby pics and may I just say I'm jealous of the amount of sleep you've got going on around there!