Saturday, December 27, 2008


My friend Caroline just sent me some pics of her mom and my Lucy Loo. So Glad to have it!! I love her mom! She has this heavy Scottish accent and a sense of humor that just wont quit. She feels like family to me and I look forward to when she comes out to visit.

Oh and (drum roll please) Caroline offered to watch my THREE children while my husband and I go on a short vacation... how cool is that!!! This came out of the blue prompted with the question... "When was the last time you and Andy went on a trip together alone"... wow, thinking back... Andy and I haven't had a couple vacation since before Max was born about 5 years ago. I am planning for May...our 6 year anniversary... we did not do anything this year... not even cards. I was thinking haunted B&B with maybe horseback riding or something different and fun. We used to do a lot of historical vacations... Gettysburg, colonial williamsburg... that kind of thing. I am really into the show "ghost hunters" I think it would be exciting to stay in an old place that could be haunted. I am super excited!

We are in VA... can anyone recommend an old haunted B&B that we can drive to???

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Sarah said...

hmmm..there's one in Charlottesville that my sister and her husband stayed at...supposed to be haunted. I will find out the name of the place and get back to ya.