Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Fun


Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days...its been pretty busy around here. The holidays are quickly approaching and there is alot of planning and preparation to make sure that we fit all family time in. Saturday we were blessed with a visit from Joe and Jackie...Andy's father and stepmother. I can tell that they really enjoyed spending time with us and the kids. Andy was amazing helping me get the house ready... its a tough job with little monkeys running and jumping everywhere...always getting into stuff. I would have been stressed out to the hilt if he had not helped me out....thanks babe! I don't do well entertaining, my mother and step mom set a beautiful table and always have the house so nicely decorated for guests... I'm just not into it. I am slowly coming around with decorations during holidays because of the kids... but it doesn't usually strike me as important.(I don't push things in my life that will cause me unnecessary stress) Plus the kids are still at the age where they don't get that everything is NOT a toy... they probably broke at least 6 ornaments already... once again, why its not sooo important to me yet.

However, the kids are grasping the "Christmas" concept... and are getting really excited about Santa coming. I tell the kids that its Jesus's birthday and because Jesus is so selfless...he shares all his birthday gifts with people all over the world. Santa is just the delivery guy :)

The kids were funny yesterday, I came into the playroom to find them doing this....(the video is still processing so it may take sometime until it shows up here)


Sarah said...

love the santa explanation! thats so sweet.

nicóle said...

I think your fabulous - Here's an award -