Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catching up~Katy-Ro AKA superstar!!

My house looks a little like a bomb was dropped on for the last few days I have been playing catch up with laundry, emails, organizing...and reading. A whole lot of reading. Pondering what projects I want to work on now that Christmas is over. I got some great sewing books for Christmas that I'm looking through and knitting books with some really awesome patterns and ideas. I wish I could make up my mind...but I think that now I have the gist of these crafts I can get a good head start for Xmas next year. I think I will heed my moms idea of doing projects or gifts on the persons birthday month...that way when the holiday season rolls around I am a head of the game.

Nothing terribly exciting happened at home today...the laundry got folded and put away before it piled into mt. Gonzalez...that is a break thru for me :)

I am enjoying watching Ro Buger play dress up...soon baby sis will be able to play along too! Although she would like me to fit in her little dressed I haven't dared to try. She is hilarious when she tries to argue and insist on which accessories go better with which outfit. She is such a strong headed little girl... I tolerate love it!

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