Friday, December 26, 2008

projects~nostalgia cont.~sewing~love

So we had the best time painting frames for the grandparents. I really enjoyed making most of our presents and it was great having something new to do with the kids. We ended up having 4 separate Christmas's for the kids. It was fun, but I would rather try and condense it a little. By the time it got to our "home" Christmas...the kids were burnt out and it really lost something special...because they had opened gifts non-stop for the last week. We'll have to figure something else out for next year...maybe celebrate with other family after Christmas morning.

Katy-Ro is really into princess, dressing up and everything "girly" this Christmas was the one to give her an entire wardrobe of prissy getup. My sister in law Catherine handed down her "Holly Hobbie" dress up chest. Soooo sweet!!

It seems that everyone has realized how bad I've caught the crafting bug... GiGi gave me a few sewing ponder through...I never realized how many cool ideas are in these!!! I've only had a moment to flip through one..but look at how cute these pin cushions are!! I found at least half a dozen other cute gift ideas in this one "sew simple" edition.

Last but not least... I am really gaining an interest in digital photography. I am soaking up information and having fun with the editing software Andy got me for Christmas. I can only count the days until I can afford a nicer camera. Until then... :)

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Madeline said...

The frames are adorable. Y'all certainly had a hectic Christmas, or should I say 4 Christmases? My brother brought his Canon Rebel over for Christmas. Can you see me turning green with envy? I would love a nicer camera as well.