Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So "Gamma" (AKA Andy's mom) saved some of Andy's favorite childhood toys and recently gave them back to Andy after 25 years! The toys seemed to spark some really serious nostalgia as he gets excited turning the transformer into a "boom box" tape player... And even the tape is another transformer!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at this eject button Max! Sooo darn cute! In the top picture Andy looks like he just got back from a grueling visit with the Dentist.... no, I think he was just doing sound effects.(lol) The bottom picture was of Andy's GI Joe tank. Its really cool that Rosie kept these things for him. Max seems to love them just as much!


Andrea said...

That is awesome!! My mom kept some of my toys from when I was a kid too and now my kids have some of them...and they love them!! It's really special actually...I think I'll do that this for my kids too!

Madeline said...

Isn't it funny the effect our childhood toys have on us? My mom kept lots of our toys as well. Levi's already started to play with some.

Anonymous said...