Monday, March 30, 2009

Food Battles and Choices

One of the biggest fight savers in my house is giving the children limited choices. If they don't like something I recommend...IE: outfit, activity, snack...I usually offer them two alternative choices. I specify that these are there only choices but they get to decide themselves. That way, I get my mommy 2cents in and they feel like they have some control over the situation.

Now with that said, over the last year I've lightened up at dinner time (or cracked down, whatever way you want to look at it) If the kids aren't showing an interest in dinner...IE: fidgeting, playing with food, throwing food... complaining that the don't like it. I give them the choice to leave the table or eat. Not a great choice for them..but frankly I'm not going to the extra lengths of making separate meals for everyone in the house. Dinner is at 6:00...clean up is at 6:45. If they haven't eaten dinner by then... they don't get it. AND, they don't get any snacks or a second chance later. I do give them healthy snacks in between meals... but I stop the snacking around 3:30 or 4 in hopes that they will decide to stay and eat.

My delima is...I don't want food to be a love hate battle for my kids because I choose to force them to eat when they aren't interested in it. I know that they will get what they need...and will eat when they are hungry. HOWEVER, with this dinner choice that I'm giving them... they will decide at 8 or 9PM that they now want dinner...and whine about how hungry they are. I say, well... dinner was at 6:00 guys... you choose not to eat it... now you must wait until breakfast. Think it would be a better choice to eat dinner when its served tomorrow night. Then send them to bed... feeling guilty that my kids are going to bed hungry. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad if I had heavier children... but my kids are really skinny to begin with. Am I wrong... am I being a dinner Nazi??? What would you do?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

smart little buggers :)

Yet another awesome Melissa and Doug puzzle... this one was the kids first 100 piece puzzle. They are really good at these...with a little prompting and some organizing they did this puzzle mostly by themselves. Look at how proud they are of the accomplishment. I think the biggest accomplishment was not completing the puzzle but how well they worked together doing it.

Today I took the girls to Hannah's (katy's BFF) third birthday party. The two of them are like a couple of old ladies...I'm really glad that they have each other. Girl birthday parties are soo stinkin cute. Funny, I wasn't really a girly girl growing up... actually I remember being more boy than girl... but something about all of the girlyness is so super fun to me now. I don't really have much extra to say tonight... except that Im bummed that battlestar galactica is over!!! Anyone else here a battlestar galactica fan???

Friday, March 27, 2009

national zoo

So today we decided that we were well enough to exit our quarantined home. Thank goodness I was starting to come down with cabin fever. So we packed up a lunch and headed out to drive as far from our house as possible today...we decided to go to the National Zoo in Washington DC. If you've never been there before I highly recommend it. Here are a few shots from today...

Isn't she a bit young to be grumping about how early it is???? We were anxious to get out the door :)

We all agreed that our favorite animal at the zoo are the monkeys...and yes I know if they don't have a tail there an ape. This old lady was cracking me up...she looks like shes had enough.

Its so wierd, he was looking right at Max as if to say "pssst...hey kid...ya got any foooood?"

And this one I'm sure was looking for a way to break out.

I took the kids in the reptile house and Andy stayed outside with Lucy... I came out and he had put her in the Bundleboo. Pretty good job... I think babywearing daddies are HOT HOT HOT...especially mine :)
All of the magnolia trees were blooming... soooo pretty. I have one in my front yard that I look forward to blooming every spring.
The kids had a great time... they still seem a little off. Max was wound up like he was trying to release all the pent up energy from the last Its always fun to watch there reactions and hear there curious questions. We will probably take another trip soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

body image...Before and Before pictures

First of all I want to say that I don't consider myself as having a distorted body image. I know that I've been blessed with some good genetics and in my life time I really haven't had to deal with alot of overweight issues. I will say that it really doesn't matter if you are overweight or skinny...people will always have an opinion of your body type. And it is a rare person that doesn't have some sort of body image issues. In high school I was very thin... and people would ask me often if I had an eating disorder. I would prefer being heavier over being accused of gagging myself. As I've matured, I've learned to accept my body type, the things that I don't like...and focus on the things that I do. Since I am the topic of fitness and "bouncing back" I wanted to post a few before pictures to compare my post pregnancy and pre-fitness body.
The photo was taken on one of my trips with Andy...pre family. I was about 130lbs...I was pretty happy with the way that I looked here. I was about 115lbs in highschool ... it took me quitting sports to gain weight enough to have curves ...thus, looking more like a woman and less like a little boy :)

This photo was taken about 4months after having Max. I was about 155 lbs here. I was a little insecure about my body...but loving the mommy boobs.

The above and below photos were taken about 5 months pregnant with Katy. I didn't gain a lot of weight but I was starting to feel the gravity effects of having children so close together. One thing I have NEVER liked about my body is how I displace all my extra weight into my back. It doesn't seem to matter what I weight I always have folds and creases in my back. I do enjoy being pregnant tho and I think my body image gets better when I'm pregnant because it doesn't seem to matter if you're extra bumpy while baby is on board. I was proud of my baby body with Katy Ro.

The below photo was taken about 32 weeks with Lucy... note my butterfly tattoo peeking out...Andy jokes that it looks like a raptor when I'm I must admit that at this point I knew my body would never be the same again.

These photos were taken today... here's a very flattering shot of my back I know I will never get rid of them completely...but I would love to tone up a bit.

And of course mother nature has taken a toll on the muscles in my stomach. I can usually suck it in and disguise it pretty well in clothes. But to be honest for this post... I really look like I'm 5 months pregnant. See above for

Well, that I've laid it all out there... Its time to set some goals. I don't have a weight goal in mind... frankly I have no idea what I weigh. First and foremost, I would like to work on building back the energy that I once had...even just to improve mood and motivation. Image wise, I would like to strengthen my abdominals, tone up my back and arms and put some bulk on my chicken legs. If I can accomplish this...I would be very pleased.
your turn :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playing catch up...Adventures in Baby Sign Language week 9

This is a long video, the first half of it is Lucy's first taste of Icecream... typical dinner scene. She was demanding and hilarious. Katy stole this weeks signing show... this was done about a week ago just before everyone in the house came down with Ebola. Katy is doing really well with the signing... so well that that we've made several trips to the library just to feed her interest in it. Lucy...ahem...the one I started this for is also catching on nicely. I keep meaning to get her in a video but she is at this "sorry! to busy to chat!" stage. Sooner or later I'm sure.

Here is a cute clip of the flubber we made around the same time. Its really fun you should try it!

I have been following Lisa at Adventures in Parenting, she has started a workout renegade over at her blog. I am inspired to get back into some shape that doesn't resemble the flubber in the video above. Now, to be fair...I don't really have a weight issue. Yes I am quite a bit heavier than my teenage years...grant it, I was waaaay to skinny as a teenager and frankly I think I look better with a little bit of curves. BUT... everything is going south...I mean...literally. Oh common, I mean who mommy body doesn't sag a little after having 3 babies?!? So, I've recruited one of my friends to do a work out program with me to help bounce back a little. (ha, we'll see how long this lasts :) no seriously, I think that if I have a whine buddy to do this with we might get something accomplished. My victim is Sarah over at three blonds and a cabinet salesman. She lives a few houses from me and has become one of my closest friends over the last year. She has two adorable little girls and really witty sense of her!!! She is also fairly new to the blogging community so you should go over there and give her a warm welcome. Im not doing a gym membership anymore, I don't think I can commit to one with my kids and schedule...but Im willing to do a home workout program. I LOVED step aerobics when I did go to the gym...any suggestions on a home workout program that you've liked in the past???

prayers answered!...stupid genetics

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your prayers...the lady in question for my cancer prayer was my the time the doctors were 95% sure that she had some sort of breast cancer judging from the etiology of the mass in her breast. It turns out after her biopsy that it isn't cancer. We were all very scared because breast cancer runs in my family...infact even some men in my family have had breast cancer. Laura "Auntie" you're right, obviously god heard everyone and has other plans for my mother. Thank you!

We took Max back to the pediatricians today for a follow up for his relentless symptoms. Still spiking fevers upwards of 103...constant belly pain... (sigh) what the heck??? His headache gets so severe that hes vomiting and rolling around on the floor. The sad thing is...I remember doing the same thing at his age. I was diagnosed with migraines in Kindergarten...and I've struggled with them ever since. When Max's doctor today mentioned migraines I cringed. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, migraines are the pits. For those who've never had a migraine...I would compare it to the feeling of a serious head injury... blinding pain and debilitating disorientation. Not even in the same league as a headache.

Anyway, on a lighter note...I've been sewing a little to help me relax. I made Katy and I wrap skirts... super easy to do... just a long rectangle with tie attached to the top edge. Here is an example of DIY. I'll try and post pictures later... Hope everyone else is healthy and well... thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement. HUGS!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

rough week baby

rough week baby, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

We are slowly coming out of the sick woods...I know my past few entries have been a bit whiny...sorry... Max seemed to get hit the hardest of everyone. We spent the last night in the ER for suspicion of meningitis. Hes had high fevers, vomiting, severe headache and Sunday was the first of "sore neck" complaints. I took him in around 10pm ... it was the earliest I could get him in...Andy was held over at work until that time. They gave him an IV, drew blood, xrayed his chest... sedated him and gave him a spinal tap... this poor kid has been rung thru the ringer. He's acting a bit traumatized today...very skittish of being touched...and really jumpy if he doesn't know your going to touch him. His back is very sore from the spinal... no kidding... have you ever seen the size of the needle they use for that procedure...oh my goodness.

Anyway, I just wanted to up date you on why its been so quiet in crunchy monkey land. I have a few videos I need to upload to YouTube for Adventures in Baby sign language...hopefully I will get to those tomorrow.

Cheers to a quick recovery for us 5 crazy's. Thanks! HUGS!

Oh yeah, BTW not meningitis...turns out to just be an evil EVIL virus...and nasty ear infection.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What goes down must come up!

Okay, so...not a fun week. Never quite expierenced this much ill chaos in my house before. It started Last week with Lucy's stomach bug...then Tuesday night with Andy spiking a fever and feeling some bronchitis coming on. Then Wed night it hit me...vomiting...the whole 9 yards. So Andy and I were completely laid out Thursday ... who took care of the kids??? They are alive and well, so it seems we managed some how. Then Lucy started back up again, Katy then yesterday and Today Max. Wowza...not fun. I'm feeling better, but I feel like I have hang over.

On an up note...I may have scored my first official photography gig. A girlfriend of mine does print design and needs someone to do some product photography for a client. I am excited about the opportunity. She also discussed with me doing some firework photography and then later on down the road possibly photographing an assisted living facility. I never even thought about web photos or commercial photography as an option...but I totally think I can do it. Now only if I can figure out how to build an inexpensive DIY light box... Drea...Jenn... anyone..Ideas??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Isn't this cool...or am I just crazy?...Storytime

volcanic eruption

Okay so I know I haven't posted in a few days...and then I come up with this weirdness. I had to take a picture of this looks like an island eruption with a bird flying next to it. I don't know.

It was such a beautiful day today... we couldn't have asked for prettier weather. I had a massive amount of errands to run today. Got the girls out of the house while Andy got some rest...its his turn to be sick this week. Bronchitis....sorry sweetie :(

Katy, Lucy and I went to story time at the library this morning and got out of Andy's hair. The woman that does the story's here is AMAZING!!...she really has a gift for affecting small children with her story telling abilities...shes high energy, animated, fun, whimsical... I love her. The kids sing, dance and jump around. And some home schooled sisters volunteer to do a puppet show and demonstrated some classical dance and ballet moves. Soooooo adorable. Katy was in AWE, when she saw the little girl twirling on her toe shoes. Katy has been walking on her toes all day today. My mother and grandmother are gifting Katy ballet and tap classes starting in the fall...she talks about being a ballerina all the time. Who made this girly girl???

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Brand New Day~ Prayer Chain Request

When you awaken in the morning
and see the brightness of the morning sun,
Lock the door on yesterday
and throw away the key.
For God has given you a brand new day,
Another day of love and laughter.
Seize each moment before it flies away,
For sweeter than the fragrant flower is each precious golden hour.
Make today your best day,
The power is yours alone.
Make today the happiest and the best you've ever known.
Yesterday is gone, as in a dream,
Tomorrow is a vision still unseen.
Today is yours to live,
It's treasures you can use.
It can be your best day,
It's up to you to choose!
~Author Unknown~
Please say this prayer with me, today.
Dear Lord, please lay your healing hands on her body and mind. Allow her peace to accept and embrace today as if it were her best day. Walk with her dear lord, and guide her faith on this journey that only you know. Please God, help put her restless mind at ease so that she may focus on today only. She is in your hands lord, enhance her spirit so that she may endure what will pass.
God, I pray for her family. Help them to lift her stay seize the day.
I also pray that you guide the doctors hands this week as they journey into this unknown. That they successfully remove this intruder from her body. Thank you lord, in Jesus name I pray...amen.
This is a prayer that I've written for someone very very close to me. Out of respect I have promised not to name names. But, I was hoping you could help me with a prayer chain...I want to lift her up higher than ever.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Birthday wish List :)

Okay, so I am just going to put it out there to be helpful... totally under no obligation. hehe :)
canon 50mm 1.8 lens (nifty fifty)
canon rebel wireless remote

Mommy I want to make Flubber!

Max and Katy got to choose a PPV movie last night. After watching a few previews they chose Flubber with Robin Williams. They watched it TWICE last night and then begged me to watch it once more this morning. After the third time watching it...Max came running up to me..."mommy MOMMY Puuuuuuuleeeeeease make flubber for me!"..."I will keep it in my bug cage and only let it out to play" "aaaaaaand if it starts bouncing around and breaking stuff I will put it away." "PUUUUUULLLLEEEEASSSE MOMMMY!!!!"

Oh my goodness, this is too funny. (snicker)"Max, buddy...its not real, its just a movie". After he continued to insist that it was in fact real, and we had to make some...I told him that if he could tell me the ingredients I would be happy to try. So I came online simply to post this cute request and decided to google "flubber" for a picture to post. And came across this YouTube video on DIY flubber. Looks like Max will get his flubber after all :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Give them the benefit of the doubt!

I was putting the dishes away tonight thinking of a conversation my husband and I had earlier in the car. He was on the phone with the lady from the bank trying to get me a new check card... the lady went about her usual gambit of security questions... and perhaps more than she needed to. I could see his frustrations rising with her...and then he proceeds to ask this woman if she is playing games with him. Hmmmm... there is something about this that doesn't jive well with my personality.

First and foremost, to Andy's credit I try and understand his perspective of people... being in the line of work that he is. Officers and public services workers are generally exposed to the worst of the worst people on a daily basis...and how do you not become jaded in a sense. When 90% of the people you come across at work...lie to you and try to play mind games with you.

Truly these people are such a minute percentage of our entire population. Its my belief that the average citizen has every best intention to do the right thing. That questionable behavior or poor mood is purely circumstantial. We don't know what kind of day they are having or what had brought them to this point in there lives. You know, I believe in laws and the justice system...I believe in my husband and what he does for the community. It makes me feel safe to know that we are protected by our fellow service men...and they uphold the law to maintain order and peace. But I also feel that a large percentage of people that end up in jail are still good people...good people, who got caught up in bad circumstances...bad choices doesn't mean...bad people. Its up to God to decide that persons eternal classification.

What I'm trying to say... lol... geeze... you will encounter people in your lives that aren't pleasant, make bad choices, lack communication in the means that you can understand. It doesn't mean that this person is trying to deliberately hurt or defy you...(that is a very self centered perspective of others.). I know that there is evil out there... I'm not oblivious to it. I just feel that we can better serve our purpose in life... by not fighting negative with negative..."two wrongs doesn't make a right.." and giving the gift of "benefit of the doubt" helps keep the feeling of trust and closeness in the community. Plus being kind feels so much better than being angry :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick today

Its been a down time these last few days... I've been hit with a double wammy...a lovely breast infection and a stomach virus. I am feeling a bit better tonight. The breast infection came from a boobie boo-boo.. cracks and dryness from a recent infection of thrush that Lucy has. Ever had that?? Its like nursing razor blades. I bite down on her paci and after the first 5-10 seconds the worst is over. Any suggestions other than using her thrush meds on me...what I can do to help this heal faster??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh happy DAAY!!!

I am really REALLY looking forward to spring. Its exciting to see the tulips starting to come out and my monkeys show more interest in the outdoors. I am slowing coming out of my winter funk. I have so much catching up to do because I know that as soon as it really starts to warm up, we will be spending from dawn until dusk outside. Spring also means festival season. I am starting to sign bundleboo up for shows. Apple blossom festival is one of our favorite shows...May 2-3 at Jim Barnette Park in Winchester VA. Earth Day festival is April 25th in Shepherdstown WV... If you have a festival in the VA tristate area that you think we'd fit in at please let me know...I really enjoy doing them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


(SIGH) So I have officially been introduced to living with a feisty 3 year old girl. Its almost (...almost being the key word)...almost comical. I have never in my life experienced little girl tantrums until recently...well, at least the way Katy does it. Its so extreme that I don't even have the capacity at the time to feel embarrassed about the dramatic public display. Today was the worst one yet. Perhaps she was tired, hungry, needy or all of the above... but there wasn't any warning signs to be heard before the hurricane came roaring into our peaceful world this morning. Actually it was a fantastic morning. We met some close friends for story time at the library...ran around outside a bit (today was gorgeous) picked up some lunch on the way to pick up Max from preschool. Then it started. Oh goodness... what was they key off...I don't know. But I had to park 2 blocks from the school and she started her tantrum in the middle of a busy intersection. I had to pick her up by her armpit and drag her out of the road. Then she threw herself on the ground screaming..."hold me! hold me" ...I was carrying Lucy and simply could not hold her. So I offered my hand and she started screaming louder. So I started to walk away. "We have to get max out of school, and then I will sit and hold you." ... so she took her shoes off and threw them. ... so I picked up her shoes grabbed her hand and started walking... scream, scream, scream, scream, scream....all the way into Max's classroom. The tantrum didn't stop until we got home and I put her into bed. She fell asleep fast so it obvious now it was fatigue. But holy smokes!!!! Whats a mom to do?? I don't like to compare children but Max never threw tantrums like that... frankly this is a whole new territory for me. What do you do when your kids throw tantrums...I know someone else out there has a drama queen.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My mom :)...photoshop help

My mom :), originally uploaded by bundleboo.

In less than a month I'm going to be 29...2-9!!! I asked my dad the other night...(like he had some hidden information that I was missing out on...) where the heck did my 20's go?? With out skipping a beat he chimed in with..."To making babies Becky"... sure enough that's what Ive been doing for the better part of the last 6 years.. This is my mother, isn't she beautiful?? I am not afraid to grow old... just look at how beautiful and radiant she is. My grandmother GiGi and my Great grandmother are just as radiant. I only hope to have been blessed with those awesome "Matics" women genes... I guess I will have to wait to find out.

I want to say a few things about my mother. First of all, she is such an amazing person...I am totally blessed to have the relationship that I do with her. I was so tough on her as a teenager and having my own children has put many MANY things into perspective for me. My mom was the female role model that I needed growing I was a very awkward child. Eccentric and creative, I didn't ever fit in very well and had a hard time making friends that were lasting. My mother was (and is) my cheerleader as she calls herself. Never skipping a beat to tell me that I was something special...that I was that I could do whatever I wanted as a woman. And even to this day, she is consistent with this. Non-judgemental and accepting of exactly who I am. My mother was the one I brainstormed with to come up with Bundleboo...without her encouragement on my photography I would have never seen a talent within myself. As a woman she is an incredible person! Very intuitive, giving, caring, loving, smart, savvy and so creative. She wants to be a teen counselor at her church... and I am so proud, I only wish I knew how to encourage her like she does me. I could go on and on...I love my mom! I am also developing this wonderful relationship with my grandmother GiGi as well...and adult relationship that feels separate from the grandmother I loved growing up. This special connection that I think I could only earn as a grown woman and mother...she is really a savvy and smart woman. She has a lot to offer and is very genuine. I can always depend on her for the big honest opinion. Love you GiGi!

On a separate note I am having some PSE 7 (photoshop elements 7) troubles... ANYONE OUT THERE A PHOTOSHOP NERD??? HELP OVER IN ISLE CRUNCHY MONKEY PLEASE!! I have been working with RAW files downloading an average of 30-40 RAW files at a time directly into PSE7. I can get the RAW editing up and working fine, but as soon as I click "open image" to do the "full edit" option... 8-10 times my computer freezes up. GRRRR..I've had to re-boot 10 times today just to finish my editing. What gives?????

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sleep sweet Lucy

sleep sweet Lucy, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

Lucy was watching "crack for baby brain" or "baby einstein" last night... I think her ears may still be bothering her. I came in and she was asleep half off of the couch. To my credit I do put a body pillow on the floor next to the couch. The exposure was about 2.5 seconds to get the picture bright enough. How sweet is this tho... (Mon, the camera that I use is a canon rebel love love it!!!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

(almost)A Week in Review

So Im back, I cannot believe what a disaster my house was... yes I made myself a mommy todo list 2 pages long...and vowed that I would behave until a reasonable amount of it was done. I even put a sign on my office door to myself that said "STOP go back and work on your list" As with many multiple child households laundry was the biggest tackle. I HATE LAUNDRY!!! But its in my "job description" as a stay at home mommy....whatever that is. Mom, I know what you're thinking... and yes my clothing situation was out of control again. Not for hoarding issues, but because all children right now are in between sizes. So we have double the clothes. This situation is coming to a close...(clothes...hahahaha get it??...I know im dumb) I tried to increase the px size so you can see the image better...didn't turn out great but here is a before and after shot of the girls room. The laundry baskets were all clean clothes that needed to be put away.
This was my sweet helper for the afternoon...
Then of course I had to remedy the dirty laundry situation and while I was at it...clean the laundry room. What a difference huh??
I still have quite a bit to do...a mommy's job is never truely done...but at least my family doesn't have to revert to nudism to get there point acrossed that something needed to happen soon.
So what happened while I was on blog vacation?? Lucy got her 4 top teeth in finally. Thank goodness!! Now onto the next Im sure.

Katy has really found an interest in sign language. She has a really REALLY uncanny knack of remembering signs after only being told once. I have to usually reference with her If I forget. I tried to do a video tonight but Katy was in a really foul mood. ICK...she is gracing 3's very much like her big brother did. Who ever came up with terrible twos must have been a spectator. 3's are FAR worse!

And Max, well....

Just kidding, hes been great! I really see a difference in his overall attitude. I think he just decided to quit and pass the baton to Katy. Thanks buddy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unofficial announcement!

No Im not pregnant My family has decided to go nudist. Why?? Because its easier to not wear clothes at all then to try and find clean clothes in our house right now. Sooo, on that note I am taking a short bloggy break. I have to tie up some overdue obligations, professional and personal...get my house in order...catch up on business emails....UPDATE MY know...the normal other words get my self de-overextended. All things fun for me will stop until I am caught up. HUGS to everyone...have a great week!!!!!!!