Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my new nephew!!! ~Ro's new haircut ~ kitchen whoopsie

Isn't he a doll baby???(not you Joe:) Phew, now the baby making focus is on my brother...HA!!! Common guys, move out to Winchester! I want that baby all to I think he is a spitting image of my brother...what do you think???

Yep, she did it again!!! Butchered another is allowing this girl to play with scissors!!!!! I figured it out, Max was encouraging her to cut give her barbies haircuts (what are big brothers for anyway?) was Katy's idea to cut her own hair. Her hair is thin enough anyway that its not too bad... hard to tell that she played barber shop with herself...(and barbies) TWICE this week. Anyway, she got a cute bob out of it... sorry Katy-Ro no long princess hair for you yet.

Yes, this typical Becky Stupidom...welcome to my life. I ran out of dish soap and guessed it... tried to substitute with something totally inappropriate for the dishwasher. And this was what I got out of it... clean dishes AND clean floor. No Andy doesn't know about this... it would just validate a lot of things for him... :)

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Madeline said...

Must say, I'm loving the last picture. I all too often think I have a brilliant idea to "fix" something and often end up with similar results. :)