Sunday, December 28, 2008

68 degrees!!!

We played outside today!!!! I would have never known that it was warm outside if Andy had not said something to me. I haven't been outside since know me, I don't do well in cold weather :) Anyway, the kids jumped at the chance to get dressed and play on the play yard... Lucy napped most of the morning, she still has a cold and her little toothers are still bothering her.

I am about halfway through the digital photography book that I borrowed. There is alot more to this than I thought. I was able to figure out the manual settings on my old kodak camera...and had some more fun with photoshop while the kids were napping. A lot of the pics are pretty grainy because of the camera quality and something the book calls "noise" or "artifact". The cool thing is, that none of these photos were cropped. My goal was to be able to take the best quality pics with my camera possible...if I crop the pics they lose a ton of quality.

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designHER Momma said...

grat pics! Glad you had a good holiday and had some mild weather to get outside with...