Sunday, June 28, 2009

party love

Its been a busy weekend! My parents have traded "Sunday dinners" for "baby Saturdays". Which simply means that I visit my family on Saturday and we spend all day playing and catching up. I love it. My sweet nephew is getting so big! I took this and a few others this Saturday.

Today, I spend about 4 hours at a 4 year old's birthday party. What a fun family... its really neat to get to see other families in action.

I know that this is a really lame blog post but I have to get caught up on ghost whisperer... my DVR is calling me!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My first graduation portraits

I am so excited to say that my photography business is taking off. I really can't thank everyone enough for your support especially my mother and grandmother. LOL... I sound like Im doing a speech for an oscar award. I have been posting a lot these days on facebook for a change of scenery. If you are interested in visiting me there I am at

my fan page... yes folks I've started a fan it has worked wonders with local networking and getting the word out.

Im really impressed with the amount of feedback about the extended nursing. Leave it to my mom to give the view from the other side :) I kind of agree...don't think that I would personally be comfortable nursing a toddler in public... the gawks and glares would detract from what ever moment I was having with my child. I know that right now I don't really nurse lucy in public anymore anyway because she doesn't want any sort of fabic in her face... Im more on the modest side of public nursing so... I could avoid the flashing session and she would rather not over heat under a blanket. Plus we are really not nursing during the day anyway. Now... don't get me wrong... I wouldn't judge another mother... infact I would applaud her. But I haven't quite reached bare all boob nazi status.. .almost there... not quite yet. 2 more babies... (lol... my mom just fell out of her chair... just kidding mom! ;)

So this sweet girl in the photograph is Casey... I met her at the park.. well actually Max and Katy befriended her and she played with them for over an hour. I asked he if she would model for some graduation photos (more portfolio work) and she agreed. They turned out really fun... they are
here. She is awesome with my kids and seems really excited about babysitting. So my plan is to utilize her when Andy is working so that I can schedule more photoshoots and not worry about what to do with the children. Plus im sure the kids can use a few hours every now and then away from We'll see what happens when she goes back to school :)

Anyway, off to get somemore chocolate cake from the kitchen...mmmmm.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

When to call it quits...more on extended nursing.

I've previously discussed in my blog my feelings on "extended nursing" ... or nursing past 1 year. I haven't really thought much more about it until Lucy amped her sessions from twice a day up to 3 or 4 times a day. I'm not sure what prompted the change.. perhaps she is going through a growth spurt, needing more comforting... learning to ask by signing has certainly opened up our communication. If you're not familiar with my views... I believe that each family, circumstance, parenting, nursing relationship... yadayada is different... I don't judge any mother's desire (or lack there of) to have a nursing relationship. My first two children weaned at just past a year... and I believe personally about a year too soon. But really, when is the right time to draw the line? Like I said... I support every mother's good intentions... but it seems that there are a majority of judgemental mothers out there that shutter at the thought of nursing past a year. The general impression is that somehow the need or want to extended nurse... suddenly goes past feed and nurture... and right onto a path of malintented perversion. What?? What changes suddenly in a nursing mother child relationship that makes for a drastic need to change what was previously wonderful and comforting?? I just don't get it?? I asked a new friend recently... Do you have a cut off date?? As she is still nursing her almost 2 year old. She said that she did not... but couldn't imagine nursing someone as old as say... Max who has just turned 5. I in fact know several people who still have active healthy nursing relationships with their preschooler. I look at my son and cannot wrap my head around nursing him... BUT ...I believe that I don't have this vision... (not because I'm being judgemental) but because I haven't experienced this with him in 4 years. Now... if I had not ever stopped... and its a part of our day to day life... how could I possibly feel that nursing him was abnormal or perverted. Max recently asked to try nursing again... I had to decline him just for that reason... we've not been there in 4 years... and I was just not willing to back track just for curiosity's sake.

What is your take on this???

Friday, June 19, 2009

my blog is acting wonky...

Every time I go to load up my own blog page it sends me an error... anyone else having this problem?? It been pretty soggy the last few days... we've been busy with this that and the other. Andy took the kids to the park this morning while I met with a sweet mama in bunker hill WV... She and here two beautiful children were super fun.. here is today's work.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks for the imput!

max katy lucy

Thanks for the input everyone... it seems that most mama's here are going or have gone thru something similar.

Its really a rather gross day today... I have a laundry list of things that need to get done, to include finding the motivation to get this stuff done. I'm letting the kids vegetate in front of the TV while I do... well... absolutely nothing. Hey, I'm entitled every now and then :)

I made Jam for the first time this week... Fresh picked strawberries, some frozen blueberries and black berries... organic raw sugar... and lemon juice. No pectin in this recipe so it was a little loose... but soooooo delicious. We put it on our pancakes yesterday instead of syrup... mmm mmm mm.

Max and Katy have been spending a lot of time playing with Lucy these days. Its really cute and they are very good with her. Katy got VERY jealous yesterday when Max told her that he wanted to play with Lucy without her :( ... didn't see this one coming.

I guess I should probably get something productive done now.

come see some of my recent projects at I would love your feedback and suggestions.

Monday, June 15, 2009

His Big Heart... nudity issues

His Big Heart, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

So I've been busy. Our home AC unit crapped out on us today for a whole 8 hours my house was an oven... man Im spoiled...I cannot imagine living in a home without AC in the summer time. BLEH.

So this summer has been interesting with the children and nudity. Max and Katy are both getting old enough were they need to start learning modesty. For the most part I really don't care if they walk around the house naked... but THEY have no quams about going outside naked. That is where Andy and I are trying to draw the line. How do you teach your children about modesty without making it seem like we are trying to shame their bodies?? I think this really started when Katy answered the door when the UPS man knocked... butt naked. First problem of course is the children should never EVER answer the door to strangers. Miss Burger doensn't know strangers... and doesn't have a shy or timid bone in her body. Off topic a little bit... speaking of not being shy... an old man stopped us at walmart to oogle the baby... I had not said word one... and Max and Katy had introduced all of us and proceeded to ask this man if he was a grampa... and why don't you have any hair?? Im glad that he found it fresh and amusing.. I however... was ready to crawl under the shopping basket. Oh goodness, what are they going to say next?? Okay so back to nudity... how and when do you teach your children about modesty?? I am afraid I will comprimise body image... but Im getting frustrated.

Friday, June 12, 2009

They Killed Jim AGAIN!!!!!!

Okay so I've not been totally honest about my obsession with Jennifer Love Hewitts Friday show "Ghost Whisperer" ... anyone follow the show?? I am really upset that they killed off Jim AGAIN!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAA???? Darn TIVO.... It cut me off at the end when he tells her that It was an embolism and that he wanted her to remember him right as he is now.... so... blast... I've been trying to find an online version of the show so I can see her reaction at the end... Oh, its a problem.. I know.

The kids and I had a great day today... we met some new friends at the pool between thunderstorms and Max is learning how to ride his bike without training wheels. He is really doing a good job! He frustrates really easily tho.. I have never seen this side of him with any regularity until now. Every time he makes a mistake he gets off of his bike... throws it to the ground... throws his helmet off and storms into the house. Wowza... some drama I'd say. Poor kid is so hard on himself sometimes... and it seems that the more praise we give him... the harder he is on himself when he does make a mistake. I don't want to say that we should stop praising him .. but maybe make it more so that this accomplishment of learning to ride the bicycle is self full filling and not for us.

So I have some good news... I may have booked my first wedding for October... Yaaaah!!! ...and I have started getting bookings for baby and family portraits. Word of mouth is such an amazing thing isn't it??? Whodathunk 5 years ago that this career path was even in my future. Now to get bundleboo back on the right track.
(the above photo recently won a contest challenge on Digital Grin... this was taken at my parents house before doing a 4 generation of men photo for my family. In my grandfathers glasses you can see my father and brother... 3 generations. It was a surprise capture.. I did not notice it until later)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missing my free time...

Hey everyone... yes I am still alive.. I am just in one of the those OCD phases in my life. Right now its building a photography business and coming up with a business plan for Bundleboo... I have been pretty busy with the kids these days as well. We spend a lot of time outdoors.. as you recall from my previous winter blues posts... I spend as much time outdoors as possible :) Sunshine...oh gllllllooorious sunshine!

Oh by the way... I am looking for some more portfolio victims. If you are local to me at all.... I need preggo mamas, couples ... weddings and engagements. I will do a wedding practically for free just for the experience! Shoot me an email if you're in the area! HUGS!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


smugmug banner3, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

So I've been back and forth with the R.Gonzalez identity... its been changing at least everyother week.... I think i've decided on a final signature and website feel. Here is my new signature and banner... what to you think? I know the Signature is hard to read... but its definatly distinguishing and looks good on the corner of photos.

wow thats cold!!!!

wow thats cold!!!!, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

For the last week I have been finalizing the sneak attack of andy's Saturday surprise birthday party. It went over with a bang... he had no idea it was coming. Happy 36th sweetie!!!

Its been a bit warmer here over the last few days... it was averaging 56 for the last week before the weekend came... thank goodness because the party was outdoors. We spent some quality backyard time. Lucy just loves the water... and Katy painted the swing set with water and clover flowers. Andy took max fishing today... so it was just the girls and I... pretty lazy day overall.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

baby bella

baby bella, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

I had a photo shoot of this sweet baby girl this afternoon... I had so much fun!!! see here for the gallery.

new queen of the castle

I have to say that I love love love this photo of katy ro... probably one of my favorites. The kids and I are really trying to find ways to keep busy with the weather being much warmer. We spend most of the day outside. Max is out of preschool now, so Katy is missing alot of her one on one time. I've really noticed that she is acting out for attention a lot more. Wow, girls are so much different with there emotional needs than little boys are. Its easy to fall into a disciplinary pattern of treating all equal... I cannot do a lot of the same discipline measures with katy that I do with Max... Katy takes even a raised voice... like the threat of death. Yet it seems that although she is almost 2 years younger than max... she is developmentally his rival. Not to say that Max is behind in anyway.. I just wonder if girls are farther ahead than boys are.

I am getting ready to head out for a christening photo shoot and an antique shop... I am nervous and excited. I have so many fun ideas... just hoping that they come out well. Keep your fingers crossed. Thank you to this sweet mama for giving me the opportunity!!!