Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Max and Lady Katy Christmas Wishes...Adventures of Mad Max...what were you thinking???

Because Max is such a spirited child I have had to modify some routines to make sure he gets the intellectual stimulation that he needs. Max would rather scale the walls of his bedroom than sit and quietly and read a book with me. So we have changed it up a bit in the last year or so with the introduction of the Adventures of Mad Max and Growly ghost (his pet name for Katy). I start the story and then prompt Max to add in...we will take turns until.....duh ta duuuuh...."Mad Max SAAAAAVES the DAY!!!" This is our special time together...last night Max wanted to tell it all by himself. I made sure to get it on camera. He doesn't make a whole lot of sense and its really dark because we were getting ready for be...but its too cute to miss out on just the same: ) I turned the music off on my blog to save you that time... you might want to turn the brightness up on your screen if you want to see him.

After the story, we talked about Christmas a little bit...I asked him what he was wishing for Santa to bring him. So we decided to send Santa a video message. Here it is (wink, wink)

Of course Katy wanted to send Santa a video message also...If you cant tell by my voice it was the end of the day...lol :)

Oh and GiGi, while I was on the phone with you today and had to promptly exit the conversation. This is what my kids were feeding the fish. Yes my friends, that is two freight cars and a Mr. potato head...never boring.

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Andrea said...

haha...love those videos! Max is a good story teller too...I could use a few of his bedtime stories over here! ;)