Saturday, February 28, 2009

need help choosing a name...

Playing with low flash, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I am trying to come up with a name... heres what I have so far.

RGonzalez photography
LIFE by RGonzalez photos
LIFE by RGonzalez
Charming Life Photos
Charmed life photography
the sweetest things
sweet capture
at a glance
just a peek

I don't know... Andy keeps telling me to keep my name... if you agree... should it be

RGonzalez photography
Becky Gonzalez Photography
Rebekah Gonzalez Photography
photos by Becky

I know, im obsessed... any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

My fav from today

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I just had to post this picture of of my favorites from today.

Road Trip

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Today we decided to get out of the house as a family and go Altoona PA to see horse shoe curve... one of Max's favorite places. However after driving almost 3 hours we found that the place was closed for the season. To our credit, Andy did check the website and it seemed that everything was on schedule before we left. Even the local train museum was closed for the season as well. So we made the best of it by watching the diesel trains shuffle freight cars back and forth at the local train yard.... it was worth the trip just to see how excited they were about this. (see my photostream for a few more Artsy pics from today)

Max has been really relaxed since Andy and I have taken more of the tension off of ourselves. The trick is not falling back into old habits. He and I just remind each other to keep a kind tone... there are other ways of getting thru frustration than yelling. Just a gentle reminder from one another is all it takes. The funny thing is, I don't con cider myself a yeller... and I have taken pride in the fact that I use gentle discipline more often than not... however after years of day in and day out craziness... I have degraded to something that I hoped I would never become... a frazzled, frustrated, high anxiety mommy... and I single out my son with this frustration which isn't fair to him at all. I feel really good about the steps we are taking right now to make a better and less stressful life for everyone. I certainly don't think its too late at this point... I want my children to thrive...and love life.

Adventures in Baby Signing week 7

Yes, Yes I know...Im a paci pusher! And they are both in disposibles... Katy is almost done night training... and Lucy goes thru one diaper a day... so I saw less hassle with disposibles...and felt it wasn't that great of an impact on the enviornment.... we do still use cloth on occasion.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PreSpring fun

toenail jam, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

We couldn't help ourselves was absolutely fantasticly wonderful day!!!, fantasticly is a word. We went to a local park that we haven't been near since the fall. Max was itching to get his feet wet. Got into the water shoes on and everything... ended up slipping and planting his butt right into the water. So needless to say at that point I was like... "Max, are you cold... yes, well what better way to learn that mommy doesn't just tell you things for my own health.." ...(hehe)... "Mommy, I'm fine... I just want to play some more..." ... "Have at it!" They had a blast... I think kids know there limits... they have to have some freedom to grow and learn there own mistakes. We just have to be there to make sure they don't kill themselves.

BTW... no you cannot catch pneumonia from simply being wet and cold. (justifying that I'm not a bad

Whats with all the poo talk?

choo choo, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

It seems that recently my older two are obsessed with poop. Every thing is about poop. Wait I have to share an embarassing moment that happened earlier After I dropped Max off at preschool this morning...Katy, Lucy and I went for a stroll down the old town mall... While I was walking I decided to squeak one out...heck no one would notice and we were outside. Katy... you know...just at the right level noticed OF COURSE. "MOMMY YOU TOOTED!!!! EWWWWWWWWW, IT SMELLS LIKE DOG POOP!!!"... oh someone just shoot me now. Becides the public poo talk... everything has something to do with poo. Max is a poo poo head... Lucy pooped... I tooted (katy's favorite to announce...followed by a loud EXCUSE ME!!)... why is poop so funny to these guys.

Anyway, I thought I would share.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love this boy!

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Recently I've been approached by teachers and family about Max's hyper and impulsive behavior. Exhausted and frustrated myself, I made another appointment with the behavior specialist to see what other "tools" we can use to help manage Max's crazy spurts. Andy and I are exhausted and are ready to try whatever it takes to help this sweet boy find some stability... mentally, emotionally, physically... so that we can all enjoy the benefits that he will reap from this. Of course like anyone.... he has his good days and his difficult days. He is of course entitled. However, on his difficult days the entire mood of the house is affected...and thus and endless cycle of negativity happens. My heart hurts for this sweet boy because by the end of the day all he has heard is negativity and anger from us. That really has to take a toll on his self esteem.

Today we discussed at length what we can do as parents to help him more. It came to our attention during this conversation that we have really not been as attentive as we thought. Since Katy has been born the behavior problems doubt due to diminishing attention he was receiving... so he lashed out...I don't blame him. Max was an attached baby and toddler. (not a crib, stroller or playpen baby) We decided today that we will spend more close one on one time with him... give him a special mommy and daddy connection with out the interruption of the phone, siblings, computer or television.

Today was the first day in a long time where Max was top priority... (I know that sounds terrible) He was an ANGEL child. I know in a realistic world...Max cannot be the king of his domain. But if this is why he is having so many behavior issues... then I will take the time to put the baby down and give him my undivided attention. Andy is not comfortable at this point putting Max on some sort of behavior drug... I am indifferent at this point if Andy is going to help me make the changes that need to happen in his environment first.

I am not apposed anymore to a ADD or ADHD medication if it helps Max to find some peace. Ultimately if its a chemical imbalance that is affecting his quality of life... then he deserves some relief. I was on Ritalin for the duration of my childhood... and know for a fact that it helped me... however I disagree with the way I was removed from treatment. I am currently on a mild antidepressant (was predicted that I would probably end up on something if I truly had a chemical imbalance... you don't always grow out of it) I know if I miss a few days... its like watching someone else run my life... its weird and I don't like it... I feel helpless.

I hope to give Max a good running chance at feeling well, before we put him on a mood altering medication. Andy and I first have to make darn sure that we are doing our part.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


NO IM THE PRINCESS!!!!, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I spent last night and most of today at my moms house. Oh my goodness...I didn't do anything but play with Lucy, read, and play with my camera...I even took a nap! It was like spa day...except my toes are still gross. I should do this more often.

My sister in law Ali, picked up some Hylands teething tablets at wegmans a few days ago. I haven't seen a difference yet... but I think she may also have an ear infection. I will keep using them, but I am taking her to the doctors tomorrow to get her ears checked.

I wanted to thank DREA from Uniquely placed (owner of ) for revamping my blog. I really look upto Drea for imput and feedback on my photography. She has done some work for Bundleboo and I have been following her blog for almost 18 months now... she is an exceptional photographer...and an even more exceptional mother. I asked Drea recently to mentor me thru this process. LOL.. I said something to her like... can you take me under your wing and give me the loads of criticizm that I need to grow and getter better at this... her follow up email was something along the lines of... SURE! Can I have you blogger login and me hehe... OOOOOKAY.. 30 mins later....taDA!!! I guess first things first. I do agree It needed a major overhaul.

Thank you so much Drea... by the way Drea does blog design and templates amonst many other things. Her work is fantastic!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in Baby Sign language week 6

Nana bear

Nana bear, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I just wanted to do little blurb about my parents cat Sophie. This old lady is a cat that I grew up with... very dainty, sweet and beautiful... she very recently lost her companion Max...AKA: moose, tripod (lost his leg to bone cancer a few years ago). We call her nana after the sweet dog from the Disney movie peter pan. Growing up, nana would visit every ones room in the the order that we needed to be awake. She would sit on your chest and gently paw at your face until you woke up. When she was sure that you were awake she would leave and move onto the next person.

you think your hair looks aweful in the morning.

I just had to post a picture of lucy's hair yesterday when she woke up. Made me laugh :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ThatsLIFEphotography... confessions

hes sick of me taking pictures, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

Truth be told I have somewhat of an obsessive compulsive personality. I love to head dive into something...because of it I tend to drop in and out of my friendships and other relationship obligations. I truely value EVERONE in my life... expecially those that I am very close to, but my biggest fear is that I will lose my friends on what of my OCD flings. I get really flakey, forget to call... forget to follow up... forget everything except what I am focused on. Recently I've noticed that no one is returning my phone calls... I have been self absorbed for the last month or so in growing my photography skills... praying that this is the answer to my prayers as far as aiding my other business. The economy is freaking me out right now guys. As a stay at home mom of 3... what other options do I have other than self employ. I cannot afford daycare, AND I couldn't bear to be away from my children simply to hold onto an investment... my family is first and foremost my biggest investment ever. My husband is doing a kick butt job taking care of our family... but I need to make sure that my business makes ends meet...otherwise, we pay out of pocket for business bills and that could hurt my family.

During this photography binge my mother came up with the name "that'sLIFEphotography" ... I think its appropriate to the candidness of my style work. Andy wants me to keep RGonzalez PHOTOGRAPHY.... perhaps I should be That'sLIFEphotography By Rgonzalez... whattya think??

Friday, February 20, 2009

sweet hubby

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I realized recently that I don't have many pictures of Andy... simply because he usually makes some crazy uncomfortable expression....and I don't want him to feel more uncomfortable by posting aweful pictures of him. I think hes pretty handsome myself (you know, partial So I drug him out the other day and got some FANTASTIC photos of him... ones that we can give to friends and family without him feeling akward.

GIGI your next!!!! (another beautiful family member that avoids the camera like the plague :) love ya!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What??? Im actually getting away with this??

So last Sunday I invited my family over to have Sunday dinner at my house... my gracious guests brought us two cakes and left them here... this morning Katy found out about them... and decided to get in as much as possible before I discovered what she was doing. Believe it or not...I let her have her cake...AND eat it too.

So if you haven't noticed recently I've really REALLY been into photography. I can't say enough about how much creative joy this brings me. My family has been vastly encouraging me to do more with it. Including my husband the skeptic :) I haven't gained the confidence yet to think I can actually make any money off of this hobby... or more so, document someones special "life event" IE: wedding.... just the same, if its meant to be... it will happen. Funny, I was recently praying for an answer with my business financial problems... Bundleboo is first and foremost my extra curricular baby. I was looking into getting a job... just to support my other job. LOL... but I swore up and down that I would never work for anyone elso again. Perhaps this is the answer I was praying for. If not for anyother reason... its such a fantastic creative outlet... and at the same time Im documenting the lives of the most important people in the world to me... my family.

Soooo, Ive been skirting around fun freelance photography names... should I come up with something cute and catchy...or just leave it as is... Rgonzalez photography. What do you think???

Sunday, February 15, 2009

good vibes

My mom in law sent this to me today...It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

all angles

all angles, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

Happy Valentines day everyone, I know its a tad late in the day...but never the less...

We had a great day today just hanging around the house playing with the kids. Max has been bugging us for months to let him play with this train clock that his grampa Joe and Grannie Jackie gave to him. However, with his curious little mind he loves to break things and try and put it back together. So we put it up in a safe place...IE: the top of the refrigerator. When he was out of the break it and fix it stage we would have given it to him.

Today there was an excessive amount of begging, bartering, promising and pleading to get this train. Oh my goodness. We finally gave in to it. Max is in AWE of this train mind you, Max has been into trains AND clocks since he was very small. Combining the two is the ultimate treat for him. I took some more pictures posted on my flickr photostream of him in a train trance. Maxy you are so cute.

I also absolutely adore sink baths... I had a field day taking pics of Lucy's sink bath this morning... (lol...see also in flickr)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Adventures in baby signing week 5

I am sorry its been a while since I updated last... I am not always dependable on these types of things... although my good intentions are always there. We are progressing right along... Lucy has been signing "potty" and "more" ... Katy is really cute because she is picking up on it too and has started signing while speaking..maybe part habit now...or perhaps she is just trying to help baby sis learn. Because babies learn by repetition we haven't added too many new words to our signing vocabulary. We have been combining the few that we have learned into small sentences like "more food" "milk please". If I can get Lucy alone, I will try and demonstrate how I've been working with her. But mostly we've just been using it all the time with regular speech and routine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sweet feet...and a little bit of jam

We had a really nice day... Andy had an MRI this afternoon on his back.. recently he has been having these episodes of twitchy shooting zapping sensations thru his body when he turns his head. Have you ever heard of that before? My dad said that it sounds like a slipped disc...UGH! Andy being a police officer is certainly in the line of work to get that kind of wear and tear on his body. When I was a paramedic...almost 80% of everyone that I knew who was in the profession for 15 years or longer ended up with some sort of knee surgery. I'm glad that I got out when I did... although baby making IMO is still some major body stress.

Lucy is cutting 6 teeth right now... poor thing. Its non stop whining and crying. Ive tried... drum roll please... frozen fruit in mesh, frozen wash cloths, amber teething necklace, Tylenol, Motrin... nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions PLEASE!! I cant imagine how uncomfortable it would be to push 6 teeth out at one time.

Although we haven't posted a video in sometime... we are progressing well with the sign language. KatyRo is really picking up on it too (max could care less :) Lucy is signing "more" and "yes" most of the time. When I can I will put up a video.

Monday, February 9, 2009

paci fairy...I let them do what??

So, tonight I had a little talk with Katy about the paci fairy... I told her that one day when she decides that she is ready, we can mail her binky's to the paci fairy so that babies in the world who don't have paci's can use hers. In return the paci fairy will leave her a gift overnight to thank her. The catch...she won't be able to use her paci's anymore. She seemed on board...but wanted to make sure that I wasn't mailing off her paci's now because "mommy, I still need it!". In addition to the paci...she has...drum roll please... pink, green, fuzzy pink, brown (blankets) and dinosaur. Her bedtime routine usually consists of me scouring the house for her wardrobe of comfort (can you tell my roburger is a princess...her bedroom is blinding me with pink.)

( looks like katy is stuck to the wall)

Yep, you guessed kids are jumping on the furniture. Usually I take the cushions off of the couch and let them jump on the floor. Nope, I had a crazy bone tonight and let them go bananas!... I know, what was I thinking right?

Max has about had it with the camera in his face... He was mad at me for not pushing him on the swing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My sweet nephew...thank you mom!!

I had the pleasure of photographing my new nephew sweet I could just eat him up. Ali is just so beautiful...she photographs so well. See my first out of home photoshoot on my flickr photostream..I'd love to hear what you think!

My mom is creating a masterpeice in her home for little joey and my three monkeys. I cannot believe how cute this mural is... more coming soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009


, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I have been having a blast experimenting with props and textures. Poor Lucy is probably so tired of having the camera in her face. See yesterdays photos on my flickr photostream.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

6 more weeks...CPSIA will not put us out of business!

So were are finally almost done with winter... 6 weeks will go by quickly. I hear its going to be in the mid 50's this weekend. That sounds like beach weather compared to how it feels today.

I know that we've not updated the bundleboo site since November. We are in the middle of some product and design transitions...compiled with what was pending with CPSIA... did I mention that we have a 1 year break with all of this drama?? ..Probably

Anyway, those sweet mamas that are doing reviews for us... please feel free to go ahead, we are not going out of business and we are grateful for any words that might keep us IN business. I told Lisa... (the hubby of this business that I am WAAAAAY to darn resourceful to let anything get in our way. I have gotten us this way will I let us fail now. A few vendors are still requesting GCC's (general conformity certificates) simply because its good business practice to know that the products you are selling are safe for children...go figure. SAFETY?!?!?!?! Go play in the street kids! For good form, I will still be doing GCC's and giving them to vendors who request them. I have obtained all component third party tests...from our manufacturers. IE: cotton sheeting, tread, prints, dyes... have all been tested and passed with NO traceable lead or phalates!! Until we are absolutely required by law to do SKU third party testing on each and every completed product... we feel that this is sufficient enough proof that our product meets lead and phalate requirements.

We may be clearing out old inventory and starting the new Bundleboo sample have arrived and we LOVE THEM!!!!!!! As requested however we will still keep a few of the old designs and fabrics. ANY suggestions on what colors should stay and what should go?? Our thoughts are...
Natural, Black, wine,chocolate
what do you think?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

goofing off... what not to wear

faces of Katy

I think Katy Ro has some acting in her future. Dubbed by myself, family and close friends "the most animated toddler in history". She always has some dramatic play up her sleeve.

I was realizing when I took Max to school today my pajamas... that I needed a major mommy overhaul. I never thought that I would be one of those wide butted sweat pant mommies...that never looked like she cared about herself...yet, here I am :) The truth is, I really do care about myself... and I used to take pride in the way I looked. I don't think Ive gone so far south that I cannot recover...but I certainly do look tired. I myself the benefit of the doubt...who wouldn't look tired after just having 3 children in 4.5 years. LOL, so how does a tired mommy look fresh and youthful again? Well according to TLC, you need to contact "what not to wear" ... and get a free mommy makeover... whatya say girls.. will you nominate me???

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Max, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I have noticed that as Max gets older he is showing more compassion for others around him. Empathy...I guess is the word I am looking for. I've been catching him in little acts of kindness everyday... I am so proud.

They all took a bath together yesterday and Lucy accidently got splashed in the face... before she even had a chance to get upset...Max scooped her up in to a close hug and consoled her. It really touched me.


snap happy

view, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I am having so much fun with my new camera!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

new logo

sweet pup, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

what do you think??

my new camera!!!

JBpark, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

Sooooo... tax return time and time to stimulate the economy a little, so we paid a visit to the closeout circut city here and bought an entry level DSLR for 30% off MSRP!!!! There are 2 left of these canon rebel xs left...let me know if you want me to snatch you up one. Also there are 9 left of the higher end xsi models for 30%off msrp!!! I took this picture of a girl at the park...I thought she had striking Katy Ro loved her puppy. Anyway, I am in camera heaven... heck I deserve it!

"Wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles!!!"

EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee wooohooo... someone in congress has a heart!!!!!! I got this in my box today :)