Saturday, February 21, 2009

ThatsLIFEphotography... confessions

hes sick of me taking pictures, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

Truth be told I have somewhat of an obsessive compulsive personality. I love to head dive into something...because of it I tend to drop in and out of my friendships and other relationship obligations. I truely value EVERONE in my life... expecially those that I am very close to, but my biggest fear is that I will lose my friends on what of my OCD flings. I get really flakey, forget to call... forget to follow up... forget everything except what I am focused on. Recently I've noticed that no one is returning my phone calls... I have been self absorbed for the last month or so in growing my photography skills... praying that this is the answer to my prayers as far as aiding my other business. The economy is freaking me out right now guys. As a stay at home mom of 3... what other options do I have other than self employ. I cannot afford daycare, AND I couldn't bear to be away from my children simply to hold onto an investment... my family is first and foremost my biggest investment ever. My husband is doing a kick butt job taking care of our family... but I need to make sure that my business makes ends meet...otherwise, we pay out of pocket for business bills and that could hurt my family.

During this photography binge my mother came up with the name "that'sLIFEphotography" ... I think its appropriate to the candidness of my style work. Andy wants me to keep RGonzalez PHOTOGRAPHY.... perhaps I should be That'sLIFEphotography By Rgonzalez... whattya think??


Madeline said...

I'll be praying for you. The economy is very scary right now. I really hope your photography biz takes off. You are very talented.

Drea said...

i like the life better :-) i
even life photography without "the"
but either one. i think it be easier to remember spelling wise ... your name is pretty and i think goes well 2... but i think some may have trouble remembering how to spell it :-)

the economy is awful!! and i agree 100% with you... that family does come 1st.. and if we can that it is wise to try as hard as we can to stay home with our children...

but i understand some cant.. and for those i can sympathize with.. cause i have friends who cant.. and they often express to me how heart broken they are to leave their kids.

but yea.. for me.. staying at home is a priority right now. especially while th ekids are so young.

Drea said...

ow and i meant thats life, not the life

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andy...sign your name, but Use the "company" name for business purposes.

I also think you should pick a spot for your signature and stay with it. it is a bit distracting.