Thursday, February 26, 2009

PreSpring fun

toenail jam, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

We couldn't help ourselves was absolutely fantasticly wonderful day!!!, fantasticly is a word. We went to a local park that we haven't been near since the fall. Max was itching to get his feet wet. Got into the water shoes on and everything... ended up slipping and planting his butt right into the water. So needless to say at that point I was like... "Max, are you cold... yes, well what better way to learn that mommy doesn't just tell you things for my own health.." ...(hehe)... "Mommy, I'm fine... I just want to play some more..." ... "Have at it!" They had a blast... I think kids know there limits... they have to have some freedom to grow and learn there own mistakes. We just have to be there to make sure they don't kill themselves.

BTW... no you cannot catch pneumonia from simply being wet and cold. (justifying that I'm not a bad


Unknown said...

I can't imagine not having had that freedom - makes a world of difference in how you turn out.

Drea said...

yay for warm weather. it should be nice here today. to bad i have a bridal shoot tomorrow.. 80% rain!! the bride is still game.. eek

Madeline said...

Not a bad mommy at all! That freedom is one of the most important parts of childhood!