Friday, February 27, 2009

Road Trip

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Today we decided to get out of the house as a family and go Altoona PA to see horse shoe curve... one of Max's favorite places. However after driving almost 3 hours we found that the place was closed for the season. To our credit, Andy did check the website and it seemed that everything was on schedule before we left. Even the local train museum was closed for the season as well. So we made the best of it by watching the diesel trains shuffle freight cars back and forth at the local train yard.... it was worth the trip just to see how excited they were about this. (see my photostream for a few more Artsy pics from today)

Max has been really relaxed since Andy and I have taken more of the tension off of ourselves. The trick is not falling back into old habits. He and I just remind each other to keep a kind tone... there are other ways of getting thru frustration than yelling. Just a gentle reminder from one another is all it takes. The funny thing is, I don't con cider myself a yeller... and I have taken pride in the fact that I use gentle discipline more often than not... however after years of day in and day out craziness... I have degraded to something that I hoped I would never become... a frazzled, frustrated, high anxiety mommy... and I single out my son with this frustration which isn't fair to him at all. I feel really good about the steps we are taking right now to make a better and less stressful life for everyone. I certainly don't think its too late at this point... I want my children to thrive...and love life.


Madeline said...

You sound like a great mom! I only have one, and there are so many times when it's SOOOOO hard to be the gentle parent that I strive to be. Good for you two for helping one another reach your parenting goals.

Unknown said...

I just love these spontaneous trips. I remember watching planes take-off and land as a child. Always fun.

Sounds like you're doing so wonderfully. It isn't easy breaking habits, especially when it's day in and out of craziness. We just end up doing the same thing because it's hard work trying to do different. But baby steps often work better than big expectations and pressures.