Wednesday, February 4, 2009

goofing off... what not to wear

faces of Katy

I think Katy Ro has some acting in her future. Dubbed by myself, family and close friends "the most animated toddler in history". She always has some dramatic play up her sleeve.

I was realizing when I took Max to school today my pajamas... that I needed a major mommy overhaul. I never thought that I would be one of those wide butted sweat pant mommies...that never looked like she cared about herself...yet, here I am :) The truth is, I really do care about myself... and I used to take pride in the way I looked. I don't think Ive gone so far south that I cannot recover...but I certainly do look tired. I myself the benefit of the doubt...who wouldn't look tired after just having 3 children in 4.5 years. LOL, so how does a tired mommy look fresh and youthful again? Well according to TLC, you need to contact "what not to wear" ... and get a free mommy makeover... whatya say girls.. will you nominate me???


Danielle said...

You might have to fight me for a nomination. hee hee What a great idea

Anonymous said...

I tried coming here early today and your blog wouldn't load for me! May have been my internet.

I soo need them to teach me what clothes look good on my body! I think first though, I need to workout...because that flat mama butt isn't doing me any justice. :)