Monday, February 23, 2009

Nana bear

Nana bear, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I just wanted to do little blurb about my parents cat Sophie. This old lady is a cat that I grew up with... very dainty, sweet and beautiful... she very recently lost her companion Max...AKA: moose, tripod (lost his leg to bone cancer a few years ago). We call her nana after the sweet dog from the Disney movie peter pan. Growing up, nana would visit every ones room in the the order that we needed to be awake. She would sit on your chest and gently paw at your face until you woke up. When she was sure that you were awake she would leave and move onto the next person.

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Sarah said...

What a pretty cat..I love black and white cats :) Oh- and I like "LIFE Photography", too!