Friday, February 13, 2009

Adventures in baby signing week 5

I am sorry its been a while since I updated last... I am not always dependable on these types of things... although my good intentions are always there. We are progressing right along... Lucy has been signing "potty" and "more" ... Katy is really cute because she is picking up on it too and has started signing while speaking..maybe part habit now...or perhaps she is just trying to help baby sis learn. Because babies learn by repetition we haven't added too many new words to our signing vocabulary. We have been combining the few that we have learned into small sentences like "more food" "milk please". If I can get Lucy alone, I will try and demonstrate how I've been working with her. But mostly we've just been using it all the time with regular speech and routine.


Sarah said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Don't worry about the pictures..we can do them for Easter, instead. The week did go by fast...Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

It sounds like the signing is going well. I did it with Pookie and I think it was the best thing. Sometimes I thought she wasn't picking up but then all the sudden she would start using signs I was ready to give up on.

I went on youtube a lot and watching signing time to get ideas on new signs.

Madeline said...

"More" is definitely a favorite in my house. Levi uses it ALL THE TIME!!! Signing is turning out to be very handy.