Thursday, February 5, 2009

6 more weeks...CPSIA will not put us out of business!

So were are finally almost done with winter... 6 weeks will go by quickly. I hear its going to be in the mid 50's this weekend. That sounds like beach weather compared to how it feels today.

I know that we've not updated the bundleboo site since November. We are in the middle of some product and design transitions...compiled with what was pending with CPSIA... did I mention that we have a 1 year break with all of this drama?? ..Probably

Anyway, those sweet mamas that are doing reviews for us... please feel free to go ahead, we are not going out of business and we are grateful for any words that might keep us IN business. I told Lisa... (the hubby of this business that I am WAAAAAY to darn resourceful to let anything get in our way. I have gotten us this way will I let us fail now. A few vendors are still requesting GCC's (general conformity certificates) simply because its good business practice to know that the products you are selling are safe for children...go figure. SAFETY?!?!?!?! Go play in the street kids! For good form, I will still be doing GCC's and giving them to vendors who request them. I have obtained all component third party tests...from our manufacturers. IE: cotton sheeting, tread, prints, dyes... have all been tested and passed with NO traceable lead or phalates!! Until we are absolutely required by law to do SKU third party testing on each and every completed product... we feel that this is sufficient enough proof that our product meets lead and phalate requirements.

We may be clearing out old inventory and starting the new Bundleboo sample have arrived and we LOVE THEM!!!!!!! As requested however we will still keep a few of the old designs and fabrics. ANY suggestions on what colors should stay and what should go?? Our thoughts are...
Natural, Black, wine,chocolate
what do you think?


Madeline said...

Can't wait to see the new line!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything has been put on hold with all that for a year. Good for you for getting everything taken care of! Now you won't have to worry come next year!

Stacey said...

Sounds great, and I think that law is just ridiculous (at least in the proportions they are planning on enforcing). I'll get my review up within a week, and I hope you get a TON of sales!!! The Bundleboo is seriously one of my favorite carriers, especially with my toddler.