Saturday, February 28, 2009

need help choosing a name...

Playing with low flash, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I am trying to come up with a name... heres what I have so far.

RGonzalez photography
LIFE by RGonzalez photos
LIFE by RGonzalez
Charming Life Photos
Charmed life photography
the sweetest things
sweet capture
at a glance
just a peek

I don't know... Andy keeps telling me to keep my name... if you agree... should it be

RGonzalez photography
Becky Gonzalez Photography
Rebekah Gonzalez Photography
photos by Becky

I know, im obsessed... any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!!!!!!


nicóle said...

I agree w/ Hubby. I like R.Gonzalez Photography. Sounds elegant and professional.

Drea said...

yea the more i look at it.. i like R.Gonzales 2
I was think R.Zales sounded cool 2 lol but that be cutting ur name in half hah!
but yea.. keep ur name.. i always say go with ur hubbys opinion 1st any way :-)

Madeline said...

I vote for R. Gonzalez. Looks like I'm not the only one. :)

Sarah said...

oh i love 'charmed life' and 'the sweetest things'..hmmm but i like r.gonzalez too. i'm way too much of a wishy washy person to cast a vote :)

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to "That's Life"? ---Just stick to R Gonzalez.

Danielle said...

I like Rebekah Gonzalez Photography