Sunday, February 1, 2009

my new camera!!!

JBpark, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

Sooooo... tax return time and time to stimulate the economy a little, so we paid a visit to the closeout circut city here and bought an entry level DSLR for 30% off MSRP!!!! There are 2 left of these canon rebel xs left...let me know if you want me to snatch you up one. Also there are 9 left of the higher end xsi models for 30%off msrp!!! I took this picture of a girl at the park...I thought she had striking Katy Ro loved her puppy. Anyway, I am in camera heaven... heck I deserve it!


Drea said...

u'll never want to go back to a regular digital camera :-) slr cameras are amazing! great eyes 2

Madeline said...

I'm terribly jealous!! My brother brought his rebel for Christmas. I was nearly drooling. He got his for free. Some people get all the luck!!