Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sweet feet...and a little bit of jam

We had a really nice day... Andy had an MRI this afternoon on his back.. recently he has been having these episodes of twitchy shooting zapping sensations thru his body when he turns his head. Have you ever heard of that before? My dad said that it sounds like a slipped disc...UGH! Andy being a police officer is certainly in the line of work to get that kind of wear and tear on his body. When I was a paramedic...almost 80% of everyone that I knew who was in the profession for 15 years or longer ended up with some sort of knee surgery. I'm glad that I got out when I did... although baby making IMO is still some major body stress.

Lucy is cutting 6 teeth right now... poor thing. Its non stop whining and crying. Ive tried... drum roll please... frozen fruit in mesh, frozen wash cloths, amber teething necklace, Tylenol, Motrin... nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions PLEASE!! I cant imagine how uncomfortable it would be to push 6 teeth out at one time.

Although we haven't posted a video in sometime... we are progressing well with the sign language. KatyRo is really picking up on it too (max could care less :) Lucy is signing "more" and "yes" most of the time. When I can I will put up a video.


Madeline said...

Levi's favorite sign is "more" also. He seems to think it just means want, so he uses it all the time!
Teething is such a bother. And 6 at a time really stinks!! Poor little lady. Have you tried orajel or the Highland's teething tablets (Highland's is all natural, but I've never tried them)? Honestly nothing really worked on my little guy either.

Andrea said...

We use a super great homeopathic teething remedy for kids...it's called Hylands Teething Tablets and should be available at almost any health food store...it's awesome! Good luck with that teething...at least you'll get it all done and over with at once I guess. :)

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see the video! I just love watching babies sign! It is such a neat positive experience!


Nicole said...

just ran across your blog - I second the Hylands Teething Tablets - they work INSTANTLY :-)

Good luck!

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

Awesome you guys...Im going to try the tablets today!! Any suggestions on where to get them?

Danielle said...

awe! Glad to hear signing is going well. I wish i had some asvice for the teeth...poor lil girl.