Tuesday, February 24, 2009


NO IM THE PRINCESS!!!!, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

I spent last night and most of today at my moms house. Oh my goodness...I didn't do anything but play with Lucy, read, and play with my camera...I even took a nap! It was like spa day...except my toes are still gross. I should do this more often.

My sister in law Ali, picked up some Hylands teething tablets at wegmans a few days ago. I haven't seen a difference yet... but I think she may also have an ear infection. I will keep using them, but I am taking her to the doctors tomorrow to get her ears checked.

I wanted to thank DREA from Uniquely placed (owner of http://www.touchedphotography.com ) for revamping my blog. I really look upto Drea for imput and feedback on my photography. She has done some work for Bundleboo and I have been following her blog for almost 18 months now... she is an exceptional photographer...and an even more exceptional mother. I asked Drea recently to mentor me thru this process. LOL.. I said something to her like... can you take me under your wing and give me the loads of criticizm that I need to grow and getter better at this... her follow up email was something along the lines of... SURE! Can I have you blogger login and password...trust me hehe... OOOOOKAY.. 30 mins later....taDA!!! I guess first things first. I do agree It needed a major overhaul.

Thank you so much Drea... by the way Drea does blog design and templates amonst many other things. Her work is fantastic!


Drea said...

hehe ur 2 sweet! I just think it needed polishing. I didnt do THAT much :-)
Love that picture of Lucy.. its so sweet. She looks like a lot of fun.
Man I need a girl baby!

Madeline said...

Drea did a great job! She's quite a talented lady. Your photos are coming along beautifully.

Renee said...

this is a fantastic pic! oh a spa day would be nice. at least you got a nap! WOW!

Anonymous said...

oh I love that pic! I can see my own little handful looking just like that, lol.

Homeopath said...

great photo!