Friday, January 16, 2009

They Like me...they really like me!!!

Nicolle from The Pink Chandelier gave me this sweet award for having never ending diarrhea of the As a result of being bestowed this gracious award I have to confess 10 things about my self then forward the honors onto other deserving bloggers.

1. I yell at my kids a lot more than I would like to... the volume some days doesn't seem to have controls...and I wish I could be a calmer parent when the frustration heats up.

2. I can be an absentminded and sometimes flaky friend...I don't mean to be...I love my friends dearly, but I shift my priorities drastically from day to day sometimes without consideration for others feelings. (I will forget to call, drop play dates at the last minute or worse yet not show up at all...its terrible and I so have to stop it....or I'm sure I will not have friends anymore)

3. I forget birthdays ALL THE TIME... even my own sometimes. I don't want it to ever be a reflection of how I feel about the person but I'm sure it comes across that I don't care... My close friend Caroline had to remind me this year...and still I have yet to do anything for her...I'm feeling guilty about this. I forgot my mother's birthday last year.

4. I get dressed about twice a week...and stay home just to avoid to the hassle of dressing and packing up to go out. My poor kids have cabin fever...good thing Max goes to school otherwise we'd really be house bound.

5. I would love to have one more baby... but I know its not a possibility with our smaller home and lack of finances. (If money were no object I will probably have more children.)

6. Up until very recently I would use my kids as an excuse to get out of things I did not want to do.

7. I used to smoke Cigarettes.

8. I HATE the way my bellybutton looks.

9. I am compulsive about starting new projects then never finishing them.

10. The bathroom in my bedroom is really gross. I haven't cleaned it in over 2 months. ICK...hopefully I will get to it soon.

Right now I am blogging when I should be spending time with Katy Ro... so later I will post who my award will go to... toodles!

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