Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!...Modesty

Happy new year everyone!!! My new years resolution this year is try and balance my hobbies...I seem to be jumping from one interest to another to another... I think its because I get bored quickly working on one thing...or reading from the same I switch it up drives people around me crazy As you can see this weeks adventure is photography...although I have jumped into it with both feet...I feel that it will hang around for a while. (I take pictures every day for this blog...and it really feeds my cravings for creativity)

Last night I brought in the new year with close friends. The kids were with me...and awake until 1am in the morning. A little out of sorts today but it was fun! Andy stayed home by himself, he wasn't feeling well or up to staying up late...I don't blame him, he has to get up at 4:30 in the morning to work everyday.

I had a discussion with one of my friends last night about her job as a 4th grade teacher. It scares the crap out of me to think that Max will be in public school next year. Grade school children just aren't as innocent as they were when I was that age. The topics of conversation and vulgar sexual gestures towards one another AND the teachers is just outrageous. She made a very good point in mentioning that the children that were "sheltered" from nudity, private talk and were given the short end of the stick when it came to raw answers to curious questions...these children were the ones seeming to be the most vulgar and disgusting when it came to "family life" conversations with peers and vulgar antics.

I have questioned myself recently on how to define modesty for my children AND enable them with body confidence and awareness. I think that if we enforce a don't show, don't talk about, don't touch rule when it comes to body etiquite... I fear that they will think that naked means "dirty" as a result... naked means "sex" (later on down the road)... I want the two things to be TOTALLY seperate as far as they are concerned. Anyway, do you get where Im coming from? I want my kids to go to grade school and hear these comments and see these gestures and think....SO WHAT! No big deal... you're not so cool...and have good body awareness and confidence to not fall into the vularness of it all. (I could go on and on)

I am thinking of coming up with a fun "hobby" photograpy name...something cute I can stamp on the pictures to mark them as my own. Any ideas of a name...or design? More pics here from today.

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Drea said...

Our kids are always naked... I need to stop letting them do this LOL.. but they are so funny to watch run around the house cracking up over each others butt.
Even Taite!

I as a child was very modest though... in fact almost to modest. I had very low self esteem due to people calling me chubby around age 12. I even had family saying "gaining a little weight huh?" ... at 12! I hated my body.

Resulted in some eating issues in high school... and still today I have to really watch myself and not go overboard with my obsessions regarding weight.

I think the Lord uses those times to really grow a person.. and I think the Lord also knew I needed a very strong husband who knew how to make me feel beautiful :-)

I think in the same way as parents we are to love our children... express to them how beautiful they are.. and that the Lord has knit and formed them exactly the way he wants them to be.

Your kids are SOOOO CUTE!!!

As far as photography names...

Well take in mind what the name looks like abbreviated HAHA. I didnt.. and so if I wanted to use initials rather than the entire name as a watermark logo it say "TP" .. and well toilet paper isnt what I had in mind :-)

ow and you should so join flickr!
there are some great groups I can give you that you will enjoy being a part of. Ive learned a lot from the ones Im on.