Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its not ADHD its ADH3

lol... that's what Andy said to me when he come home this evening and saw how exhausted my face looked. We had another pretty uneventful....average day locked up in the dark laundry abyss that is my home...actually I am pretty caught up on that right now I just have to get it put away...HA...funny that sounds so simple...its usually 5 or 6 laundry baskets full to the brim of clean folded laundry that sit until...well...until, I desperately need the baskets again to fill up with more clean folded laundry.

There is a local interactive museum called "Discovery museum" that the kids and I went to nearly every crappy cold day last year...sooooo worth the $75.00p/y...I think I'm going to renew my membership for a kick in the pants to venture into the outside world again. I'm starting to look like Galum from lord of the rings. Part of the reason for this, Lucy gal has been up every night for the last 4 nights until 2am. Yep, I've got a real party animal on my hands. I'm not sure whats up with her. Most babies from what I remember...(you know its been soooooo long since my middle child was a baby...joke)... nap about 2-3 times a day...Lucy is a 3 timer. So around 3 she will go down for that late afternoon nap...wake up around 5:30ish eat dinner and go back down to bed around 8:30... 45 mins later...shes up again wanting to play. Really, I can't get her to go back to sleep. So she will play from just after 9:00pm to 1 or 2 in the morning. Then end up screaming bloody murder trying to exhaust herself to sleep... UGH!!!! I know what you're thinking...knock out that 3:00 nap. I've tried...she just ends up falling asleep in the middle of the floor...or screaming bloody murder (I'd rather let her sleep) Ideas???

what my poor kids see

I've been trying to cheer the littlest one up...her poor teeth are bothering her something fierce. I wasn't making much progress as you could see from my video... no wonder, this is what she had to endure coming at her.... YIKES!


Danielle said...

That museum sounds great. I am right by the Crayola factory but it is really not age apprpriate for E yet. I would let her sleep too and hope it only lasts a short while.

Madeline said...

Have you tried waking Lucy up earlier in the mornings. Maybe that would push her naps back a bit and get her in bed earlier. Chances are she'll outgrow it. Levi was always throwing me for loops at that age. He'd change his "schedule" every week. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Listening to you talk about the pile of laundry makes me wonder if you just have too many clothes (again). Perhaps this is the time to purge down to 10 outfits per child and then do another sweep of your closet. Get rid of anything that you only wear when you have nothing to wear :) less clothing=less laundry. Just a thought.