Sunday, January 4, 2009

the's EC going?

Andy has off this weekend so we decided to take the kids to DC and see the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space museum. Tons of fun for everyone! Curious George is Katy's favorite movie right now so she was excited to see real life dinosaur bones and spaceships. Its really crowded on the weekends so I suggest that if you are going to take your mobile children to these it during the week when its a tad slower.

I've been asked recently "how's the EC going?" We are doing great! The biggest changes have been that because she is so busy crawling now...we recently went thru something called a "potty pause". This is when they are too busy to care about letting us know that they have to go...and sometimes refuse to sit still on the potty. We are getting past this... and back into a good potty system again. The other change is that our "backup" method for diapering has gone back to disposables. We had not used any diaper for a while...then during the potty pause we had tried cloth again...but cloth is not as easy on and off as a pull up...or disposable. Plus we don't go thru enough cloth diapers to warrant a wash that doesn't waste water... before they start getting really funky. We go through a small package of diapers in about 3 weeks...sometimes she can use the same diaper for an entire day or two before she soils it. So it doesn't make any sense for us to use cloth right now.

From what I hear almost every baby that EC's goes through a "potty pause" just stick through it...keep on them about using the potty and you will figure out a system that works with a now mobile baby. We just just used a potty schedule... when she stopped telling us that she had to go.... about every 30 mins or so I will put her on the potty and encourage her to go. Now we have about 6 potty breaks a day again...with few soils. (I don't like to say accidents...because she is only 8 months :)

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