Friday, January 16, 2009

Adventures in Baby Sign Language week 1

I have started teaching the kids baby sign language... every friday I will post an update on what we are doing and progress as it happens. Feel free to do this with me and give feedback of your progress...this is the first official week although we have been using sign language to help with her EC for sometime.

Family, If you want to try and remember what we are doing with Lucy use the sign language when we visit will help to re-enforce what we are doing with her. I looked pretty rough in this video...just catching up on folding laundry...another no dress day :)


Danielle said...

awesome! Lately we have been working on color signs.

Madeline said...

I've worked a little bit with Levi on sign language. My sign knowledge is pretty limited. He has finally picked up on more, and can let me know when he wants more food. It's pretty cool stuff! I'd definitely like to start using it more.

JustforGoo! said...

I happened upon this blog by looking for babycarriers. And wow I am SOOO happy I'm not the only ECing 'crazy' mama out there! I have been ECing since birth with my Son Benjamin 07-02-08 and we have been trying to teach him the potty sign to! I will have to figure out this blog thing so I can keep up with your weekly signs!
I haven't seen all your youtube vid's but I did see a morn EC one. Do you use the sink ever? We do for the pee's and we use an Ikea potty with a fleece cover on the counter next to the sink for poo's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! Its Tiffany! How r u? I have been doing some sign language with Colton for the last 6 months. He has gotten some of them. "All done", was one of our first! and "More", when he is not all done! lol There are more, but we use these 2 alot during the day!