Saturday, January 31, 2009

105.3 fever!!! Adventures in babysigning week 3

So it just doesn't stop here with the illness... UGH... I officially had my first "freak out, hyper mommy panic attack". Two nights ago Lucy woke up as usual about 2:30am...I went into her bedroom blurry eyed to pick her up and bring her into my room for her late night snack. When I came into her room she was panting and whining. When I picked her up her body felt like it was on fire. I immediately knew something about this fever was different. Over the years my lips have become an accurate fever gauge...I can usually get it right on or very close by just kissing their little heads. This time my mommy senses went banana's because I have never felt a baby that hot before. I got a nasty scared pit in my stomach and tried to focus on what to do for her but the the "OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!" ringing in my head was drowning out all rationale. I had to wake up Andy to get him to bring me back down to the planet... Andy took her from me and got a temp... 105.3... WOAH... I was right to freak out a little. Needless to say, she went to the ER at 3am in the morning. I stayed home with Max and Katy as I was too worked up to drive. The ER docs gave her some Tylenol on top of the Motrin I gave her at home and that brought the fever down... the diagnosis... double ear infection. Strange I had just taken her to the peds that morning for a fever follow up and she said her ears looks better than it possible that her ears got that much worse since 10am??? They changed her antibiotics to something stronger and we are trying to stay ahead of the fever with Motrin... right now she is coming down from a 103.2..poor thing...hopefully this gets better soon.

As far as today's signing... I will post a video later when Lucy is feeling up to it. Off to the library :)


Madeline said...

That is so scary!! Poor little Lucy and poor mommy and daddy. I hope she gets better soon!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh I know how scary that is! Ear infections are freaky like that! Good for you momma, you did fantastic! Alternating tylenol and motrin will keep a fever like that down!

I hope she feels better soon, and that you get some rest *hugs*

Danielle said...

That is very scary. Had sim. experience with E when she had a UTI. hope she is all better soon.

Anonymous said...

I actually do know how you felt on this one...exact same thing to me w/ Jaclyn over the holidays 104.6-double ear infection! I had ust taken her to the ped. the day before and her ears were clear then too! Hang in there kiddo.