Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Puffed Rice?!?

So I really must commend Andy for cooking something new for dinner...we really like Asian food and he was really sweet to come home from work to cook us a nice dinner. We have had rice noodles before and really like them...but he decided to cook them a bit differently this time. Instead of boiling them...he fried them (I don't recommend this all) so the texture ended up ...hmmmm...much like a birds nest.

We had a really nice day today, the kids are playing very well (knock on wood) and are finding constructive things to do with their time...rather than destructive. I see the three of them playing a lot together recently... although I really have to watch them closely as the older two still don't understand that baby's simply do not understand certain things. So I find Max yelling at her to stop playing with his trains or to stop making noise... tonight he strong armed her across the floor to move her away from his train tracks... I can understand his frustrations...we just have to re-enforce that he does not handle her...and to let us know if he has a problem. This dinosaur BTW was a Christmas really a neat toy...its amazing how much technology has advanced since I was a kid... something still has to be said about playing with sticks and bugs.

Speaking of the Lucy girl, poor thing has a wicked cold. Sweet girl, hopefully the other two stay healthy...its never fun having a house full of sick kids.

There was something else I wanted to say... hmmm... maybe I'll remember later.

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