Wednesday, January 14, 2009


BFFs!!!, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

So Sarah and I took our kids to a really neat little niche called "little thinkers" today...she had a cupon for "free play" so why not try it out. What a cool idea...normally $5.00 per kid...they have all sorts of arts and craft activities...wooden toys...dress up stuff...too much fun for a cold blustery day. While the babies were playing on the floor the older two Hannah and Katy were painting and doing projects...Max got out of preschool after this was over so...the morning ran pretty smooth.

I am looking forward to the next day that Andy has off...he has been working a lot of hours and the kids and I really miss him. I am carefully planning our get away in April...(the one where Caroline takes all 3 of my children for a weekend!!) ... I decided that we would stay at "the Cashtown Inn" a haunted B&B that is a1.5 hours from us in Gettysburg PA. The Inn was featured on my favorite show Ghost Hunters. Andy and I used to love traveling to historic locations and staying and haunted b&b's. The last time we went to gettysburg we stayed at the farnsworth inn. It warm and cozy yet cold and drafty...?! Loved it!! No, we didn't see any ghosts...but I love the anticipation that we may come acrossed one during our stay.

Anyone ever have a paranormal expierence?? What does the Bible say about earthbound spirits?


Madeline said...

Such a sweet photo!! They look like they could be twins! I wish we had a place like that around here. That sounds like such fun.

Sarah said...

LOVE all the pictures :). The babies were cute today- we'll have to do that again soon!

Danielle said...

That B & B place sounds awesome. I mentioned it to DH and he told me no way. BIG CHICKEN! I want to go now. I could use a getaway for sure.