Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cabin Fever x 4

cabin fever 365

We are wishing for warmer weather...I don't think we've been out of our jammies in days.

Oh and GiGi, you mentioned that you were interested in getting some photo editing is the before and after pictures. I know somethings could be better tweaked like Max's eyes, they are super bright... but I really like that edge.

Lucy was napping during the picture so I added her in later...I probaby could have worked on her tones a little more to make it look more natural and less photoshopped...but who has all that time anyway??


Lil mama Karen said...

I love the pictures. About your blog a few days back my little man went through a potty pause also but now everything is all good. I was also wondering how the amber is working for teathing? The weather is not that good here right now either. I am just glad it stopped raining.

Drea said...

i wouldnt of known lucy wasnt a part of it :-) had u not showed this.
thats really fun!
i do think max's eyes are a bit over done, less is more in that area for me. But over all the pics cute! and well done sticking her in :-) that takes a steady hand in editing

Danielle said...

Great pic! We have cabin fever here too. Can't wait for spring.