Friday, January 23, 2009

baby signing week 2...sleepover...croup

Happy Friday everyone!! Although as a stay at home mommy Friday isn't any different that the rest of the week...I'm sure most of you other stay at home mommies Friday means that Hubby is home for the weekend. I'm posting this weeks Adventures in Baby sign language. Lucy has croup so it was a really "clingy" and quick video. Poor thing...our bedroom looks like a hospital bedroom with humidifier, nebulizer, bulb syringe, tissues... I mentioned the steroids that they have her on in my video. Has anyone ever had to give there children steroids for anything? In my experience its made my kids crazy. Katy had an extreme behavior reaction making her bang her head on the floor and walls screaming for up to 3 hours... Lucy had her first dose yesterday and was awake til midnight all amped up.

Anyway, Max had his first sleepover last night...believe it or not it went really well. No tantrums or sassing from either 4 year old. They had a ton of fun... its nice to see Max developing close relationships. Its really neat to see how he interacts with other children in such a "big kid" way. here are the kids the night before and eating pancakes this morning.


nicóle said...

I hope she gets well real soon!

Oh! And you are so Brave to try the sleepover thing!

Andrea said...

Oh no...croup isn't fun...and the steroids don't sounds like much fun either! I really hope she's over this thing soon!

Oh...and I LOVE baby sign language! I did it with my son and am just starting to do it with my 7 month old daughter too. :)

Sarah said...

Poor peanut, I hope she feels better soon! We've had a pretty cruddy week over here. I'm still sick and Sadie is sick again too....ARRRG!! Why can't I keep my family healthy?!

Madeline said...

I hope she gets better soon!!
That book sounds interesting. I'll have to check at the library for some baby signs books.