Saturday, January 31, 2009

sweet snoring... my tribute mess

I simply had to put this up of these two sleeping together. They both have the same expression...(I did get Andy's permission to put this up...I'm not that )

I also promised a blogging buddy that I would post my radioactive office to make her feel better about hers... so here it is.

Not a pretty sight is it?? Well my office really gets the least attention because I am in and out of it so quickly. Its also in the garage so its out of sight until I need to use it. I will say my computer is in there so I do have to step over stuff to get to it.

I wanted to also post a picture of my kitchen chalkboard. There are a lot of really special memories and nostalgia on this chalkboard... I didn't notice until today. My late grandmother had the same chalkboard in her kitchen for over 50 years... over time it wore down so much that it would not longer take chalk. I imagine I will have mine for just as long...her it looks in the young years.

So what is on my chalkboard??

1. Pictures of my kids..(see max brushing his teeth...he was 18 months in that pic)
2. Baby pictures of me, so that I can brag on how much my kids look like
3. Sonogram pictures from my pregnancy with Katy and Lucy.
4. Max's first card to me...last thanksgiving.
5. A dream catcher (upper right..your right) from my trip to taos to introduce my great grandmother to her first great great granddaughter.
6. Emergency contacts.
7. lost then found netflix movies.
8. An email my mom wrote up on the chalk board 4 years ago when she came over to help me get my house ready for the birth of my son... not an important email...just a lovely memory of my mom and I.
9. Pacifiers...Katy always has paci's hanging on the hooks.
10. dry erase cleanser...for my very important calender in the hallway.


Andrea said...

Oh my...those 2 top pics are so precious...I love father/daughter moments like that. :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! We made it to your very important kitchen chalk board!...I see our xmas card up there :) ...It's true, you love us! Your kids are hanging on my fridge, too :)

Shannon said...

Awww those pictures are precious. I wish I had taken more of my husband and LO.

I love that chalkboard!

Madeline said...

The sleeping beauties are so sweet!! Thanks for posting messy pics. It always makes a mommy feel good to know she's not the only one. :)