Monday, January 19, 2009


todays snow, originally uploaded by bundleboo.

So today was the first real snow of the year...kind of nice to add some interest to the cold weather. This morning started a little off... we woke up late (I slept a full night last night...oooo it was sooo nice) I got the kids dressed, fed, and out the door to Max's school in half and hour. After we arrived at his school is was glaringly obvious that no one was there... I forgot that today was a holiday (which one? still not sure) So we drove around for a little while and looked for trains...still the kids favorite thing to do.

Oh I have to mention something really cute Katy did the other day. We also celebrated my grandmothers birthday (GiGi) on Sunday. Katy was very thoughtful and made up cards...I had given her pink carnations for her party and told her that princess's get flowers on their birthdays...Miss Animated was super cute...woooooooooooowwww feeeerrr meee??!!??!!! Well on our way out the door Katy thought to grab two of her flowers for GiGi...I asked her if she was sure she wanted to give away her flowers...she said "Of course, GiGi is a princess too!" I just thought that was really special.

My dad made Sunday dinner shepherds pie...something that I haven't had for quite sometime...really yumm cold weather comfort was delicious. He made it different than what I remember having as a kid... this time being made traditionally out of lamb and mashed potatoes it had a very unique and deep taste.

Gamma Rose is leaving this Wednesday to go live in her new house in North Carolina... we will certainly miss her. Have a safe trip!!


Andrea said...

Wow...your first snow??! I'm so jealous! We've got mounds of snow...and the really weird thing is that today it was actually MELTING outside which is soooo rare for January!

Sarah said...

No school tomorrow either!! Save yourself a trip :)

designHER Momma said...

oh how I love love love the snow. seriously I do!

Drea said...

hey i took a pic like that yesterday! great minds think alike? :-)