Saturday, January 24, 2009

goofing off...first words...bathtime camera fun

Yesterday was 50 its snowing again. Can someone fix the thermostat here? Everyone is taking a nap right now... really it doesn't happen that often. I think that because of our routines being thrown off (if you asked me what my routine was I really couldn't tell you) because of illness and Max's first sleepover...they are all a little worn out. Ha...nevermind...I spoke too soon!

Lucy started saying DaDa yesterday as well...I know, I know ... its just a noise right now...but she seems really proud of herself for saying it. I think this poor child is going to resent me for being the most documented child on the planet when she gets older. I was just as gaga for taking pictures of the other two as babies as well... the time simply goes by too fast. I was emailing back and forth with a friend from Germany... (Its looking like shes going to join the blogging network soon!!)...she mentioned that she has taken over 10,000 pics of her children since they were babies. They are not much older than mine! Wowza! I thought I had the shutter bug.

Anyway, It just occurred to me that I haven't eaten anything today and its 1pm already...yes I have fed my kids. If it were up to them they would live off of PB&J...what can't your kids get enough of??


Madeline said...

Y'all have had loads going on lately! First words are so much fun.

Anonymous said...

it's soooooooo refreshing to see that I am not the only silly Mommy that sings and ballads around with her kiddos-you have a much nicer signing voice that I however!