Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mom genius... yum yum breakfast...Twitter

So I have to say... I met the smartest mom ever at the park yesterday. It was a swing pick up... haha... Andy always jokes about the moms I pick up at the park. It is almost like dating, finding new "mom friends" that you are compatible with...and the children are compatible too. Anyway... I quickly realized that that mom had 4 children under 6. With out pride or hesitation I asked her what her house looks like. Darn it if she wasn't one of those super put together, well organized ... probably PTO moms. I said... "Well, ... hmm... I'm jealous... so If I don't ever see you again... lets see how much I can pick your brain while we are standing here... ha ha (but so so serious)". She explained that she has a day of the week for every task... scheduled, planned and set in stone. Well, it would be overly ambitious to think that I could be that organized... so I quickly cut to the chase. "How do you stay on top of Laundry??" She said... Laundry is Thursdays... they all have there own baskets.... Each basket is a load... Wash... Dry... Done. Oh my gosh... you would have thought heaven was shining down on me and the dark looming clouds opened up and angels sang... really... why haven't I done it that way all along??? ... And that was it... we went our separate ways.... I wouldn't blame her if she felt used.

I have been trying to keep up with my homemade kefir.... but unfortunately there are a lot of other pressing things going on right now. I had to throw away my kitchen science experiment and trade it in for the store bought "lifeway" brand kefir. The kids actually like this much better than what I was making... I don't blame them... I like my kefir really tart. I cant get my kids to eat much these days, they have become really picky eaters. This week I've tried something yum and different for breakfast that even Lucy can eat. Its a mixture of baby cereal, strawberry kefir and defrosted mixed berries. They eat it cold like yogurt and love it... and its really good for them.

I recently joined the twitter movement. I don't know how much I will keep up with it... but there are times that I would like to say something that doesn't warrant an entire blog post... I am bundleboomama on twitter. I would like to put the twitter stream in my side bar.. but I don't know how... any advise? Can you reply to peoples twitter comments? Obviously I'm new at this but any input will help.


Madeline said...

I'm so not a technological whiz, so I hope I make some sense. To reply you just put your cursor to the right side of a comment. An arrow should pop up. Press it, and then @such and such will pop up in the what are you doing window. Type your response there.
I can't remember exactly how I got the twitter stream on my sidebar. Twitter has a way to do it. You might try their help section.

Heather said...

I've tried those schedules and it has worked in the past, but then I get lazy. I guess I should start again. I also have 4 hampers that I sort dirty laundry into, and wash when they get about half-full. One hamper each for lights, darks, reds and then towels, underwear and socks.

I don't remember how I got the Twitter stream on my blog either!

chelle said...

ok seriously I think we are soul sisters or something. I am always going on about how I "hit on" and "tried to pick up" another mom when out. It so feels like dating when trying to make new friends!

The twitter stream should be as simple as looking at your twitter account, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there are links at the bottom. Click "Apps"then click on widgets, Blogger and follow the instructions form there.

Good luck.

I am chelle_soodz on Twitter, you know if you want to hook up ;)