Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enwrapture....crochet project

I have been eyeballing this sweet sweater in one of the crochet books my GiGi bought me. It looks pretty easy from the stand point of time so I've decided to tackle that this week for Katy or Lucy. I also have decided to use up the rest of my "Christmas project" yarn and make a surprise for someone special... so that will not be disclosed until later.

My birthday gift to myself arrived yesterday... has anyone heard of "Enwrapture vintage"??? I joined a Co-op group online where they all go in to buy bulk products and unbeatable prices. I don't usually shop for myself but I couldn't pass this one up at $8.50 per skirt... check out how cute these are!!
HERE ... I bought 3 because they were so "me" I couldn't pass it up...but the catch was I wasn't able to choose what they send me. I will say... my first impression was... WOW these are really UGLY... truly the prints are horrendous, but in a really fun and trendy sort of way. (which really means I need to buy about 20 more because they are all I'm ever going to wear :) I found this YouTube video online to show you how they work.... perhaps I was drawn to them because I would still be able to wrap myself long after my kids have grown out of our Bundleboo's...haha!


chelle said...

Ooo I have ooggled the enrapture skirts forever (always a bonus if one can get it through a coop)

I want to learn to crochet! I can knit, but there are so many cool crochet patterns!

Drea said...

awe why didnt u get me one!! lol

Heather said...

So you are going to make a whole sweater this week? Wow. I'm impressed.

Madeline said...

Can't wait to see how your crochet projects turn out! Love the skirt.