Sunday, April 26, 2009

Panhandle Earth Day Festival- 2009... Beat this mommy brain!!

The earth day festival was really a lot of fun... very comfortable scene for me as most of the vendors and visitors there were like minded. Some very talented activists and artists for sure. I have never seen so many dread locks at one single event in my life. I had a few minutes to snap a few of the festival... see my flickr for those. Lucy was with me and was an angel earth baby all day...

So... I took the kids to McDonalds for some Ice Cream a few days ago as a treat for not making me suffer thru a photo job that I had. Lucy had her first Ice Cream cone and really enjoyed it. Lucy has had Ice Cream and diary before... cheese, yogurt, goat milk... but not Mc Donalds soft serve. When I am out with the kids sometimes its best for my stress level to simply "block out" the rest of the world and focus on them... I try not to let judging eyes steer my parenting. The kids were enjoying there cold treat and I started thinking about this weekends plans... todo list... house chores... the normal mind filling thoughts. I noticed that Lucy was COVERED in Ice Cream and her face was getting a little red from the cold (ended up being a slight allergic reaction also) ... At home If they are messy... I will use there clothes to clean them up... then wash the clothes (saves on papertowels...) If Im already a disaster I might use my shirt also. Soooo.. amongst my other thoughts... "take off shirt..." came into thought... .... .... without thinking again... I took off my shirt in the middle of McDonalds. ACK!!! So, here I am wondering why im sitting there in my nursing bra and shorts... holding my tank top in my hand. I couldn't get my shirt back on fast enough. I don't usually get embarassed about stuff like that... but I couldn't help but blush at the shocked McDonalds audience. (head in hands)... well, that tops this weeks "mommy brain" moments.

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Justine said...

haha!!!! That's priceless! Your pics are beautiful--the oe of Amanda is one of my favorites!!!