Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day Festival....New babies!!

Today I'm getting ready for the first annual Earth Day Festival in Shepherds town, WV!!! What a fun Idea! Bundleboo will be one of the 30+ vendors to take part in this fantastic event. If you are available and within driving distance you should definitely take part. It is a kid friendly event with lot of fun activities to take part in. Hope to see you there!

As most of you know, I have a goat share... with which I receive raw goat dairy once a week. (more on raw goat milk
HERE) I have not been receiving milk for the last 4 months so that Aimee could dry up and use the extra fat and energy needed to have healthy kids... in the last 36 hours Aimee gave birth to twins!! They are soooo adorable!! The one with the brownish face is the boy... "Sam"... and the white faced one "Sally".(Max and Katy got to name them) Aimee is a fantastic mama... very attentive to her new babies.


Madeline said... goats are so darn cute. Watching them play is hilarious!
Good luck at the festival!

Justine said...

Had to stop by and say hi! What a great festival it was! Hope to see you guys at the street fest in June!