Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday already?? Midnight marathon and the $10,000 baby

We got home around 9pm from Sunday dinner at Nana and Papa's house tonight. Dad made split pea and ham soup from last weeks Easter Ham. Yum Yum! We had a great time... the kids are starting to feel like themselves again. GiGi, took a look at I thought was a crochet disaster... ended up being not too far off. I only have to rip out about 20 rows. My sister Ali informed me that parenting magazine is doing a cover baby contest and the winner gets $10,000.00 big ones. Hmmmm... takes pictures of my sweet babies...maybe make some cashola?? DUUUUUH! So I think I will be snapping a few off in the next month or so... perhaps you can help me pick the best ones to send.

Its 12:30 and as I'm typing Lucy is crawling up a bald patch on the playroom carpet. Apparently the cat nap on the ride home was enough fuel for Lucy's midnight marathon. She's been crawling for a few months now but only today has she realized the full potential of mischief she can get into. Look out world! Shes in 4 wheel drive... full time... all the time. Its fun, but wow... I forgot how exhausting this phase can be. ....wait... whats that??? Lucy you're ready for bed... GREAT! Off I go too... tata for now! HUGS!

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Auntie Laura said...

My favor is Lucy with with crabby face wearing the Tutu. I Love that picture.