Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keeping it Real

So it just dawned on me that my baby Girl Lucy will be turning 1 next month. Woah, seriously what happened with the last year?? As I am officially emerging from the nak, sleep, nak, poop...rinse...repeat...phase of my life. I hold a basket of mixed emotions. Mostly I feel overwhelmingly blessed that all of my children are happy and healthy. I feel contented as a mother that I am doing well by my children... and peace that I will make mistakes, but no so severe that they will ruin my precious 3. I have found balance in my marriage that allows me to respect and deeply love my spouse...while maintaining a strong self identity. I always thought that the "honeymoon phase" would be the best part of the marriage... not so much gals! Nope, it was a foreign, rocky roller coaster. Especially as a woman coming in to her own... that is a journey all by itself. Anyway, I will go on about the 10 year honeymoon later.

I mention these things because they make me feel full...happy....sucessful. And really I want for nothing more...than a god filled, full, peaceful and happy life for my family. Simple isn't it??? Not really if you have to factor money into this equation. Whats life without challenges and loopholes...right?! Well, on this solid road to success we have officially reached our first speed bump. No one could have foreseen what the economy was going to do to so many families like ours...and we never envisioned that we would be in this position to even talk about it... foreclosure... yep, its a nasty dirty word... and the pit in a homeowners stomach. With inflated interest rates and deflated economy... we have been left upside down on a home that we can no longer afford to live in and cannot afford to get out of. Thank goodness that Andy has good job security...as unfortunately, there is never a shortage of crime or people in trouble. Losing our home is definitely not the end all for us... we have SOOOO much to feel blessed and thankful for. I know this adventure coming for us...is just another way for God to help us grow in our love for him and to strengthen our bond with each other. I believe we are not meant to know all of his intentions.

We are awaiting a few more calls from the mortgage company to see if there is a last ditch chance to save this bad situation... if not, we have been given another great oppurtunity right around the corner...literally... just a neighborhood away. I have been developing a wonderful relationship with one of my very first Bundleboo customers...she has become a close friend of mine over the last year...despite the fact that she lives in Germany with her family now. Her beautiful home came up on the rental listings at the right price...at the right time... and its just what we need to feel at home again. Hmmmm... amazing how he works huh. So with that said, I feel at peace with WHATEVER happens. Goodness its late...gotta shove off to bed now. HUGS everyone!


chelle said...

Wow. Way to look at the cup half full!

It is amazing how the love of our family van make all the difference in the world.

Sending positive vibes your way.

Unknown said...

Fabulous attitude. Sometimes we can become stuck in the immediate situation, and not realise that what seems bad may have amazing possibilities awaiting us.

Renee said...

Sorry to hear you're in a hard spot. I know how you feel about your baby turning one. Mine is near there as well. Will be thinking of you & your family!

Madeline said...

You have such a beautiful and inspiring attitude! I'm so sorry for the rough times y'all are going through, but your faith is a blessing to you and to those around you (blog readers included). I'll be praying for your continued peace. Hugs to you, and happy Easter!!