Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kitchen Science

So I have a new addiction. If you like a strong taste of yogurt you may be interested in trying kefir. It was introduced to me a few months back by another kefir addict in my FNL group. Its a homemade fermented milk beverage that is jam packed with a ton of healthy pro-biotics. Think yogurt on steroids...with a tart...sometimes fizzy appeal. The beverage starts with a "kefir grain" a gummy live culture that when added to milk, it eats the milk lactose and multiplies into the beneficial kefir after product (for milenia used to cure a multitude of health related issues). Real Kefir grains have been gifted for thousands of years... as the grains multiply (as live culture naturally does)...the extra is lovingly passed to family and friends.

To ferment my kefir yumminess I put the kefir grains into a glass jar on the counter...add milk (we use raw goats milk)...and wait about 24 hours. The milk starts to form this "curds and whey" appearance when the kefir is just right.

I then sift the kefir grains out with a spoon. Put the grains into a clean glass container fill with fresh milk and refrigerate today's finished product.

After the warm kefir has chilled in the fridge...I love this at night while I'm watching TV. I pour it into a mug, add fresh fruit (this time it was nectarines and peaches) and honey. Mix with a stick blender....

YUMMMMMIE! For more information on the benefit of kefir a great web resource is
dom's kefir.

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