Monday, April 27, 2009

upcoming events!

Well, first off...Lucy will be turning 1 on May 5th... cinco de mayo. I seem to have holiday babies. Katy is New Years Eve... Max is May 31... Labor day?? Memorial Day??? One of the two.. .for sure I was in labor... and it was memorable... ha! Anyway, I am short on time and I know that most of the family reads this... FAMILY?? ARE YOU OUT THERE??? What does everyone want to do for Lucy's 1st birthday?? Apple Blossom Festival is Next weekend and Mom and Ali will already be out here. ... We can do a small get together, party or something for Mini Me when I get back from the fair.... or we can just plan on doing it the following weekend. Rosie, Joe and Jackie... Of course we want everyone here... but I know you are far away... perhaps we can do something small and sweet when we come to see you at the end of May. Catherine... come on out with Nathan when we figure something out... (thats the key) ... or we can wait to see you during the trip... I know that you are a busy busy woman these days...I am so proud of you for working at this so hard!!

As I mentioned, my next Bundleboo event is this Sat-Sun at Jim Barnette Park... this is an "Apple Blossom" event called "Weekend at the park"... if you are in the area stop by and see us!!

Today is the day we find out whether we move or stay... I have been feeling my anxiety level go up over the last few days... altough I've still been able to keep a good perspective about things.

Any whoo... I just got a playdate call... so I think Im going to bug off the computer and get my kids outside before it gets too hot... hugs to everyone I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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