Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my computer geek... changing of the sizes

Who says I need to call the geek squad for my PSE problems when I've got my very own built in computer geek. Andy has literally spent two whole days working the kinks out of my computer... while chewing off every little bit of finger nail he has left. I agreed to let him back up and "dump" my hard drive... as long as my pictures, work files and DVD compositions were not harmed or hard to find. So after doing the dump... he spent all day today... looking for lost files and relocating important business information so that is was easy to access... he really didn't have to do all that... but I'm certainly grateful... and I can see a dramatic improvement on how smooth my computer runs already. Yipeee!

Lucy is doing her every 3-4month change of clothing sizes. Its easy to forget how much they grow that first year... mini me is growing into 12-18 month clothes already...and can even fit into some of sisters old 2T clothes. Lucy is starting to show some signs of walking readiness.... I'm glad that she is... because I'm not. I left her on her bedroom floor with the door open...walked across the house to fill a sippy cup... turned around 5 seconds later and she was indulging in the wet cat food on the kitchen floor. ICK! Its like that all day... she is not one to be confined... and would rather explore than be carried. So I've baby proofed as best I can... and hope for the best. Right now its 8:30 an time to get the kids off to bed. Good night!

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Hey...Max's Bike helmet is here...