Thursday, October 2, 2008

Got Raw Goat?

Did you know that in most states it is illegal to buy or sell raw dairy? Why? Because a couple of old cigar smoking boogers about half a century ago decided that in order to ensure the milk we drink is is best to boil it (pasteurize it). The alternative option was to make sure that dairy farms were certified and the milk inspected and tested on a monthly basis for hygienic practices and scary pathogens.

It is not illegal however, to consume raw milk from your own animal. Don't have room for a goat? Buy a goat share! Goat and Cow shares are the legal and most cost effective alternative to smuggling raw dairy from other states. How does it work? You find a local cow or goat dairy farm that is certified and inspected regularly and purchase a "share" in part of an animal. What you are paying for is a portion of boarding and monthly food costs and in return the farm owner expresses and stores the milk for you to pick up. (some farms deliver right to your door!) Is this expensive??? Not really, (if you are already buying store bought organic milk) your initial share costs are based on 1 gallon per week. You will pay a small fee for the glass storage jars. I paid $130.00 total for my goats lifetime. And pay roughly $70 every 3 months for milk. That's about $5.80 a gallon for Raw organic Goats milk.
So you ask why all the hassle for raw goats milk? Because goat's milk by structural composition is the most similar to human milk on the planet. The milk from a goat is naturally homogenized(fat does not separate from milk) allowing for more effective digestion and absorption...therefore the vital proteins are not damaged by the artificial homogenizing process. Raw milk also contains enzymes that aid in the proper digestion of milk.

(FACT: many people who are severely lactose intolerant can happily drink raw dairy because of the good enzymes that were not killed off during the pasteurization process) Raw milk also contains antibodies that help strengthen the immune system and beneficial bacteria that are essential to good digestive health. Sanitary practices such as disinfecting the teats before milking, hand washing, using stainless steel and glass containers, and disinfecting all equipment with a safe cleaning solution after every milking. All of this greatly reduces the risks for harmful bacteria growth. Make sure that your dairy is certified and inspected on a regular basis for harmful pathogens and reap all the healthful benefits of your raw dairy. For more information on the benefits of raw dairy go to.


Andrea said...

Awesome post!! We have managed to get raw goats milk for our son and he LOVES it. It's so much better for him too! We can't get it year round, but for most of the year we can!

Drea said...

My friend Lis drinks raw milk.. Like I said in the above post I dont drink milk.. so I doubt Id be able to do ir raw... but that is a smart idea! I never new it was illegal to sell raw milk.. interesting.