Saturday, March 28, 2009

smart little buggers :)

Yet another awesome Melissa and Doug puzzle... this one was the kids first 100 piece puzzle. They are really good at these...with a little prompting and some organizing they did this puzzle mostly by themselves. Look at how proud they are of the accomplishment. I think the biggest accomplishment was not completing the puzzle but how well they worked together doing it.

Today I took the girls to Hannah's (katy's BFF) third birthday party. The two of them are like a couple of old ladies...I'm really glad that they have each other. Girl birthday parties are soo stinkin cute. Funny, I wasn't really a girly girl growing up... actually I remember being more boy than girl... but something about all of the girlyness is so super fun to me now. I don't really have much extra to say tonight... except that Im bummed that battlestar galactica is over!!! Anyone else here a battlestar galactica fan???

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Renee said...

I love Melissa & Doug puzzles! We have a huge ocean floor puzzle that is my fave!