Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mommy I want to make Flubber!

Max and Katy got to choose a PPV movie last night. After watching a few previews they chose Flubber with Robin Williams. They watched it TWICE last night and then begged me to watch it once more this morning. After the third time watching it...Max came running up to me..."mommy MOMMY Puuuuuuuleeeeeease make flubber for me!"..."I will keep it in my bug cage and only let it out to play" "aaaaaaand if it starts bouncing around and breaking stuff I will put it away." "PUUUUUULLLLEEEEASSSE MOMMMY!!!!"

Oh my goodness, this is too funny. (snicker)"Max, buddy...its not real, its just a movie". After he continued to insist that it was in fact real, and we had to make some...I told him that if he could tell me the ingredients I would be happy to try. So I came online simply to post this cute request and decided to google "flubber" for a picture to post. And came across this YouTube video on DIY flubber. Looks like Max will get his flubber after all :)


Danielle said...

I wonder if it iw like making oobleck- i think i spelled it wrong. My niece lovces to make stuff like this...i will have to share with her

Madeline said...

I love making that stuff except I've always called it goo.