Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh happy DAAY!!!

I am really REALLY looking forward to spring. Its exciting to see the tulips starting to come out and my monkeys show more interest in the outdoors. I am slowing coming out of my winter funk. I have so much catching up to do because I know that as soon as it really starts to warm up, we will be spending from dawn until dusk outside. Spring also means festival season. I am starting to sign bundleboo up for shows. Apple blossom festival is one of our favorite shows...May 2-3 at Jim Barnette Park in Winchester VA. Earth Day festival is April 25th in Shepherdstown WV... If you have a festival in the VA tristate area that you think we'd fit in at please let me know...I really enjoy doing them.


nicóle said...

Yay! My tulips have sprouted too!

Madeline said...

Spring is so lovely! Good luck with all the festivals.

Drea said...

im looking so forward to seeing ur photography grow as it gets warmer! its so fun to do more outdoors w/ it.
:) love that 1st pic 2.