Monday, March 23, 2009

rough week baby

rough week baby, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

We are slowly coming out of the sick woods...I know my past few entries have been a bit whiny...sorry... Max seemed to get hit the hardest of everyone. We spent the last night in the ER for suspicion of meningitis. Hes had high fevers, vomiting, severe headache and Sunday was the first of "sore neck" complaints. I took him in around 10pm ... it was the earliest I could get him in...Andy was held over at work until that time. They gave him an IV, drew blood, xrayed his chest... sedated him and gave him a spinal tap... this poor kid has been rung thru the ringer. He's acting a bit traumatized today...very skittish of being touched...and really jumpy if he doesn't know your going to touch him. His back is very sore from the spinal... no kidding... have you ever seen the size of the needle they use for that procedure...oh my goodness.

Anyway, I just wanted to up date you on why its been so quiet in crunchy monkey land. I have a few videos I need to upload to YouTube for Adventures in Baby sign language...hopefully I will get to those tomorrow.

Cheers to a quick recovery for us 5 crazy's. Thanks! HUGS!

Oh yeah, BTW not meningitis...turns out to just be an evil EVIL virus...and nasty ear infection.


Madeline said...

Hope y'all get better fast! Poor boy-a spinal tap is horrible!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness-what an ordeal!! We are free and clear over here. The stomach virus cycled through all of us...Hannah was the last one to start throwing up on Sunday night. I hope you guys are feeling better soon!- Please call me if you need anything!!

Danielle said...

That sounds very stressful! Hope you all feel better soon!